Wednesday, August 8, 2012

ZCWO MH007 Mens Hommes Vol.007 Boxing Legend 2.0 "How about another round, Rocky?"

Besides going into producing 1/6th scale figures (see previous post), ZCWO has been releasing quite a number of boxed outfits with accessories and the latest previews we are getting are pictures of ZCWO MH007 Mens Hommes Vol.007 Boxing Legend 2.0 for outfitting or creating your own 1/6th scale Boxer (you only need to add a 12-inch figure).

This comes after the success of ZCWO MH003 Mens Hommes Vol. 003 Boxing Legend set which I had reviewed earlier HERE. This makes it the second set in their boxing series and it's looking pretty good (except for the hat which is unacceptable).

ZCWO MH007 Mens Hommes Vol.007 Boxing Legend 2.0 set will have the follwoing items included: Boxing Accessories consist of Boxing Robe, Boxing Trunks, White Vest Top, Leather Boxing Shoes, Boxing Socks, Leather Boxing Gloves (Metal Plate inside), Championship Belt, Thai Pads, Free Standing Boxing Bag. Scroll down to see pictures of the 1/6th scale boxing ring which is included

There's even a 1/6th scale Boxing Scene for creating your own diorama with Boxing Ring (Packing Box), Wooden Chair, Metal Bucket, Towel, Water Bottle x 3, and Flag.

Costume and Body parts: Black Hat, Black Sweater, Black Leather Jacket, Black Leather Gloves, Black Jeans, Black Shoes, 3 pairs of hands with pegs, 1 pair of feet with Pegs.

Do note that the Action Figure is Not Included) but there is a added bonus of 2 head sculpts (Limited and Available only While Stocks Last) - one normal and one bruised or sometimes referred to as "battle-damaged" haha

Click to get a bigger and better view :)

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