Friday, August 17, 2012

Herocross 86HERO Hybrid Metal Figuration #005: Star Wars Stormtrooper Action Figure

The Imperial stormtroopers were the evolution of the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic. By the end of the Clone Wars in 19 BBY, the Galactic Republic was reorganized into the first Galactic Empire. As a result, the Grand Army was reformed into the Stormtrooper Corps, thus renaming all clone troopers as "stormtroopers."

Stormtroopers were the elite soldiers of the Galactic Empire. Like Imperial-class Star Destroyers and TIE fighters, stormtroopers served as ever present reminders of the absolute power of Emperor Palpatine. With few exceptions, they were distinguished from all other military units by their signature white armor.

New Hong Kong figure maker Hero Cross (formerly known as 86 Hero) presents this Stormtrooper from Star Wars as the 5th installment of their cutting edge Hybrid Metal Figuration line, each of which are made of approximately 70% alloy and 30% PVC.

Herocross 86HERO Hybrid Metal Figuration #005: Star Wars - Stormtrooper is approximately 14cm Tall with approximately 20 points of articulation

Its 20+ wide range articulation points and optional parts enable the figure to reenact various fight scenes from the films!

According to the manufacturer, "By using plenty of alloy components the figure achieves a high-class look with a nice hefty feeling that you cannot forget once you have held him in your hand."

Herocross 86HERO Hybrid Metal Figuration #005: Star Wars - Stormtrooper Set Contains: Main figure, Blaster carbine, Optional hand parts x 4


Anonymous said...

As a bit of a stormtrooper fan, this looks fantastic - and the weight provided by the alloy components will make this feel amazing in-hand I bet. Within minutes of seeing this on your blog I placed my order! Thanks for showcasing the products you do Alex!


alex teo said...

U R most welcome, Leon :) always a pleasure to share the passion CHEERS

Unknown said...

As a matter of fact, I really like this character in the movie Star Wars. When I have found this action figure has been released, i am so excited. I have preordered one. I am really looking forward to its arrival.