Sunday, August 19, 2012

Preview MC Toys 1/6th scale Trialmaster Leather Jacket suit set - "I am Legend" Robert Neville

Just how many 1/6th scale Will Smith 12-inch figures are out there? Just this year alone, EnterBay and Dragon Models (DML) have both released Will Smith as Agent J 12-inch figures. See pictures of EnterBay's MIB3 Agent J figure HERE and my review of DML's Agent J in the previous two posts (HERE and HERE). Will Smith also impressed with his movie debut as CPT Steven Hiller, F16 Pilot in the movie "Independence Day (1996)". Hot Toys actually released a 1/6th scale Will Smith as Captain Steven Hiller figure way back - see pictures HERE. There is also a DML Will Smith as Police Detective Mike Lowrey from "Bad Boys II (2003)" - see pictures. That makes four Will Smith 12-inch figures.

Then there's the Dr Figures 1/6 scale CIA Field Operator 12-inch Figure with Will Smith head sculpt (reviewed HERE) which I used to kitbash a 1/6th scale Will Smith as Robert Neville 12-inch figure from "I am Legend (2007)" - check out the pics HERE. Well, now it seems MC Toys (Magic Cube) will be releasing a 1/6th scale Trialmaster Leather Jacket suit set which is exactly what you need if you want to bash an almost movie-accurate Robert Neville 12-inch figure.

MC Toys 1/6th scale Trialmaster Leather Jacket suit (Product MCF-016) will come with 1/6th scale Belstaff Trialmaster Legend Jacket, Belstaff Longway Triple Canvas Trousers, Belstaff Shoulder Bag 554, Palladium Pampa Shoes, Short Sleeve T-shirt and M4 Rifle. It will NOT include the 1/6th scale Head, 12-inch Figure Body, sunglasses, or dog. The head sculpt they have used to model their suit appears to be the one released by Loading Toys some time ago.

Scroll down to see more pictures of this soon-to-be-released MC Toys 1/6th scale Trialmaster Leather Jacket suit set OR simply put, Robert Neville's attire from "I am Legend (2007)".

UPDATE: DECEMBER 6, 2012 – Check out the product in-hand pictures and full review HERE


Jonloh said...

a pity that it's just the apparels. Will definitely get it if everything else is included. Including Samantha.

desmond said...

Finally the wardrobe and wespon are out..will get this for kit bash my will smith head :-)