Friday, August 10, 2012

Incoming: Play Imaginative 1/6th scale DC New 52 Super Alloy Batman designed by Jim Lee

Play Imaginative is currently accepting pre-orders on its 1/6th scale Super Alloy Batman featuring a New 52 Justice League costume design by DC's Jim Lee and boasting a body that's 85 percent diecast metal. In addition to its 50+ points of articulation, the figure will also come with "a detachable and posable fabric cape, grappling gun and batarang accessories, and a magnetic dragon gargoyle display base," according to PI's official listing.

The figure will come with embedded magnets in its hands and feet to interact with all of its own wonderful toys. The SPECIAL EDITION "Batman by Jim Lee" figure comes in a limited edition gloss finish and is only available through pre-order and at the Play Imaginative Booth G3 at the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention from 1-2 September 2012. The price? Available for Pre-order at S$315 (Retail at SGD350) at PI stores and the 2012 Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention (STGCC 2012) in September.

Play Imaginative's Super Alloy 1/6th Scale Collectable Figure "Batman by Jim Lee" Official specifications: 12 inches tall (approximate), Sculpted PVC face, Detailed skin-textured face, Double-jointed neck, Double-jointed elbows, Ball-jointed wrists, Ball-jointed hips, Double-jointed knees, PVC utility belt, Two ABS batarangs, One ABS grappling gun, Die-cast metal torso, arms and legs, Fully articulated hands and fingers, Armoured figurine with 50 points of articulation, Gun-metal finish on main parts of body, Ball-jointed shoulders for full range of arm movements, Double-jointed body, bendable at upper torso with ability to swivel from left to right at waist, Ball-jointed ankles with articulated boot front, Magnets embedded under feet, Removable and posable cape, Figure display dragon gargoyle base with stone finish and embedded magnet, Magnet feet lock at dragon gargoyle base, Box packaging comes with magnetic clasp and box sleeve

This looks more like Iron Bat than Batman. Full Metal Batman should be its name! Perhaps Bat Armor Mark VIII sold by Tony Stark to Bruce Wayne to help him get rid of the scum in Gotham City or is it just Tony under there deciding to take care of business in Gotham as well? Super Alloy Batman with the head / face exposed? Not very good idea, is it?

With all that armor and Batman still cannot fly? Guess Iron Man is still one-up on this guy ;p

Check out Play Imaginative's website HERE for full info.


humanbeingill said...

Wow, looks tight. I'm a HUGH Jim Lee fan from back when he penciled for MARVEL's X-Men titles. I'm scared to DEATH to discover another Company cranking out solid figures to take my money, but excited too because this could be the start of something EPIC for DC Comics, its characters and their fans. Decided to pass on the latest HOT TOYS Dark Knight, but this might fit the bill and take its place... Variety is the key for me now, I have no more shelf space LOL (not kidding)..

"Woke up this morning and saw a spider crawling on my SPIDERMAN figure..... That's when I knew it was going to be a good day"

KG said...

There are more Batman figures coming isn't there...? Thought it was announced thata figure based on the game Arkham City is coming as well...?

Die cast parts probably the main excuse to jack up the price... It looks cool but a bit too shiny and robotic. Perhaps between this and what sideshow showed at SDCC '12, collectors can bash a Jim Lee comic batman... People who PO Medicom's just for that Jim Lee head sculpt are probably cursing now. Honestly, I have less faith in Med's QC...

Looks like HT really doesn't back down against its competitors. EB announce 1/4, they are there. Medicom announce Jim Lee Batman, they are the too.

Think I might take a bite. Personally, I think this is more worthwhile than that expensive Pre-sale bundle that HT is trying to bait SGTCC goers with. The exclusive figures are really basic and don't warrant the price, IMO...

85% die cast. Looking at it, his crotch portion will probably contribute to the 15%. Hopefully Stark's pink panty syndrome won't be too contagious (",) but glad there aren't any fancy lights and batteries to worry about.