Monday, August 6, 2012

This is a stunning piece: Sideshow Collectibles Ben Kenobi, Desert Nomad Mythos Statue

After the prequel trilogy we know Obi-Wan to have led a hermit’s life on Tatooine. During this period our assumption is that his time wasn’t entirely spent living in a lonely hut, but instead as a desert nomad, exercising mental strength and physical fortitude.

Sideshow Collectibles proudly introduces the next entry in the Star Wars Mythos line, Ben Kenobi. As a nomad, wandering the desert landscape of Tatooine, Ben carries a unique collection of mementos, the weight of the memories they contain as heavy as the pack itself.

The Sideshow Collectibles Ben Kenobi - Mythos Polystone Statue features: Hand Painted and highly detailed Alec Guiness and Ewan McGregor portraits for custom diplay, Tusken rifle and bladed weapons, disarmed from Raiders during his travels, Jawa Bandoliers, Armor from Ben's service in the Clone Wars, Keepsakes from Ben's fallen Master Qui-Gon, poncho and lightsaber; Anakin's lightsaber, held by Ben for Luke to come of age; Water cistern, Jerba skin rug

The Story as told by Sideshow:
The boy is safe. Lars cannot hide his distaste for me, given my connection to the child’s father. Beru, however, is clearly smitten with the infant. But my presence is not welcome in their house. That is fine. I’ll watch over the child from a distance.

check out the amazing head sculpt of Sideshow's Ben Kenobi

The adornments and survival gear on Kenobi’s backpack almost serve as a time capsule to speak the story of his travels; among his collection are Tusken Raider gaffi sticks that suggest maybe he has had an ongoing feud with the desert tribes, a mantle of armor that he wore during the Clone Wars, and of course, Anakin’s lightsaber.

Look at the amount of gear and the details on the statue

The story continues: But first, I must ready myself. I will build a shelter across the Dune Sea from the Lars homestead. Close enough for me to sense any danger to the boy. Far enough away that the Empire may not discover him if they find me. But for now, I feel old. Old beyond my years. Desert life ages flesh and spirit, so I can only expect this to worsen the longer I remain on this world. The Tatooine storms will whip me with sands like a scourge. Each night I will hear in the winds the howls of my murdered Jedi kindred.

The Jedi are all but extinct. The few who survived Order 66 are continuously being hunted. Across the galaxy I am certain more will die. When I feel their deaths, I’ll dare not reach out to learn who it was, or to assist in any way. If I am discovered, then the boy may be discovered as well. And all will be lost. I already wrestle with the weariness. The loss of my friend to this evil creature who has replaced him fills me with bitterness. But I must remember the words of my Master: Be mindful of the future, but not at the expense of the moment. The boy is what matters. He IS the future.

Fool. I’m a damned idealistic fool. And blind, too. Anakin’s darkness was obvious. I should have foreseen this and prevented it. I failed him. My failure ended the Jedi Order. The boy is our last hope. I failed Anakin. But I’ll not fail Luke. The son of Skywalker must become a Jedi.

Sideshow's designers and artists explore the period between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, and in a unique presentation offer this character study with both Alec Guiness and Ewan McGregor portraits to celebrate both actor portrayals.

I'm more used to seeing a younger Ewan McGregor Ben Kenobi than a young Alec Guiness Ben Kenobi, just as I'm more comfortable with Alec Guiness as old Ben. Somehow seeing young Guiness as desert nomad Ben Kenobi doesn't seem right :(

As fas as statues go, this has to be one of the BEST by far, if not the BEST I've seen till now because the sculpting, paintwork and details are out of this world!

Besides alternate head sculpts / portraits, you also have the option of switching hands to one of Ben Kenobi wielding his light saber.

Click on the picture to get a BIGGER and BETTER view

This Sideshow Exclusive Edition Ben Kenobi Mythos Statue is going to be 18 inches (457.2mm)vb tall, weigh 6.35 kg and set you back USD349.99. That's why I don't buy statues :( too costly, even though this one looks to be very well done!


Anonymous said...

Now that is worthy of displaying in any museum. I can already imagine his hard journey in Tatooine. Thank you for blogging this.

alex teo said...

U R most welcome :) this was too good not to share

Taoryu said...

Are these available anywhere for sale?

alex teo said...

These were sold out pretty fast back then.

D. A. Robinson said...

This is a beautiful. I never knew these existed.