Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dragon Models (DML) MIB3 (Men In Black III) 1/6 Agent J & 1969 Agent K 12-inch figures

Well, we've seen the Dragon Models released MIB3 Agent J (Will Smith)  - reviewed HERE and HERE - and 1969's Agent K (Josh Brolin) - see previous post, so now let's see how they stack up against each other :) Josh Brolin only came on in the latest film from the MIB (Men In Black) franchise, playing the part of a younger Agent K (older K is played by Tommy Lee Jones) as seen in 1969 when Agent J goes back in time to find him.

Presenting Dragon Models Limited (DML) Men In Black III (MIB3) 1/6th scale Agent J and Agent K (1969) 12-inch figures. They do make a nice pair.

Interestingly enough, Dragon Models didn't make both figures to be of the same height. Agent J (Will Smith) is actually taller than Agent K (played by Josh Brolin in the year 1969 and Tommy Lee Jones most of the other times). And how do they both look beside one another? Mighty fine, me thinks ;p

Scroll down for more turnaround views of this pair of Men In Black 12-inch figures from Dragon Models in their trademark all black suit and Ray-Ban sunglasses

Agent J (Will Smith) is holding the neuralyzer while Agent K (Josh Brolin) has the Alien Brain Gun

Close-ups of Dragon Models (DML) MIB3 Agent K and Agent J 12-inch action figures

Close-up of the 1/6th scale Alien Brain Gun by Dragon Models

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