Saturday, August 11, 2012

Review: ZCWO Mens Hommes Vol.004 1/6 Construction Crew Tools and Accessories set

I've done a review of ZCWO Mens Hommes Vol.003 (Boxing Legend) which is a great set for 1/6th scale kitbashing - pictures HERE

And this is ZCWO MH004 Mens Hommes Vol.004, offering the attire / apparel and gear plus accessories to kitbash your own construction crew or just a very well equipped D-I-Y (Do-It-Yourself) guy with his tools for working in the tool shed or workshop. This set can be called "A Construction Worker's Tools and Accessories" set as it offers 1/6th scale Protective Work Wear, Hand Tools and even a Workshop scene / diorama. 12-inch Action Figure Not Included.

ZCWO is to be applauded for taking the packaging / box which contains all the 1/6th scale items that comes in it and turning it into a tool shed / workshop scene. It's not much but it does work and it gives a very unique background for taking pictures. At least you don't just think of throwing the box away. Scroll down to see more, especially all the cool 1/6th scale tools

The Workshop Scene (made from card) consists of Working Table...

Tools Wall, Cupboard

Construction Drawing (architectural building plans and such)

Warning Tape, Screws and 1/6th scale measuring tape / tape ruler.

ZCWO Mens Hommes Vol.004 1/6 Construction Crew Tools and Accessories set: Protective Work Wear consists of Safety Helmet, Safety googles, Cotton Work Gloves, Safety Gloves, White towel

Reflective Vest, Work Coverall, Safety Boots

Besides the work gear, there are the highly detailed miniature 1/6th scale hand tools: Electric Hammer Drill with removable drill bit, ruler, WO40 Spray

Electric Saw with detachable saw blade, saw

Power Screw Gun / Cordless drill with various types of pliers x 6

Tool box, pen knife / retractable cutter, pen, pencils x 2

The toolbox even has a removable tray

Other hand tools included with this ZCWO Mens Hommes Vol.004 1/6 Construction Crew Tools and Accessories set: Nail Hammer, Ball Pein Hammer, Wrenches, Screwdrivers and Level Ruler

And then there's the uber cool 1/6th scale Tools Belt which allows you to load up on with the tools your guy will need for his 1/6th scale construction work

This set is pretty cool, just like the earlier reviewed ZCWO Mens Hommes Vol.003 (Boxing Legend) set (pictures HERE) and I'm quite happy with it :) To see these daily items done in such detail in 1/6th scale is quite amazing. heck, I'm not even as well equipped as this 1/6th scale workman / handyman and he has tools I can only dream of, though I doubt I'll ever need an electric saw

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