Sunday, March 30, 2008

Darth Vader 12" Figure by Medicom

Medicom Darth Vader, ON ITS OWN, is the BEST by far. Unfortunately, only if viewed as a standalone figure and not compared in scale with any other 1/6 figure, not even with 1/6 figures released by the same company (such as the Stormtrooper or Sandtrooper) because Medicom Darth Vader is on a scale like no other that exists. He's PUNY!!

Darth Vader's chestplate

Darth Vader's lightsaber hung on his belt

Thanks to Hasbro, Medicom also did the two-stage helmet removal system

Stage 1 - Vader's mask revealed, with helmet attachment clamps and magnetic latch on top and at the sides as well as body heat regulators above the visual enhancement sensors and the air intake/output vents.

Stage 2 - Lower jaw and neck support durasteel shell revealed, showing the voice processor and nutrient feed tube at the front as well as multiple power cells and power distributor at the back. Anakin's (Sebastian Shaw played Darth Vader unmasked) disfigured face as seen in Episode VI when Luke unmasks him towards the end, where he utters, "Now go, my son..." before the 2nd Death Star explodes. Note the removal of Sebastian Shaw's eyebrows to emphasize the injury that Anakin received in Star Wars Episode III. For the Hasbro version, he still had his eyebrows.

This is the Star Wars Episode VI: ROTJ (Return of the Jedi) version Medicom released first. Medicom released a 2nd Darth Vader based on Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (ROTS) version with the burnt out face of Hayden Christensen. Not too keen on the 2nd version. Medicom did the same thing with their Snake Eater from Metal Gear Solid 3 i.e. re-release figures when there's overwhelming demand.

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Shin said...

How is the condition of your vader's body suit? Mine cannot make it liao, peeling away... like Vader slowly being eaten away by the dark side...

alex teo said...

sorry to hear that Shin, did you leave it in the box? mine is still alright but you are not the first to suffer from the dark side's influence. i've read horror stories on forums as well. Some of Medicom's other figures suffer such fate as well :( we pay good money and this is what we get - SIGH!! Better to stick to cloth figures and stay away from the leather ones, especially those by Medicom.

Randall70 said...

It's a remarkable model. I've got the Sideshow one, very good, but this seems better in particulares. A question: how's attached the head to the body?
(I apologize for my not so good english!!)

alex teo said...

Hi Randall70, To be honest, I did not strip the figure further to examine the body and see how the head was attached. As this Medicom Darth Vader is overall very small in size in terms of scale as compared to all the other figures, I left it as it is and did not attempt to try and strip off the costume.

Do check out my comparison pictures in my other post (link attached:

Unknown said...

Hi, Im looking for a replacement helmet for my Medicom 12" Darth Vader Episode VI , do you know where can buy it??? Thanks !!!

alex teo said...

hey carlosbranchet, i think e-bay might be the best place although I doubt anyone would sell just the helmet? what would they do with the rest of the figure? All the best ;>