Friday, March 21, 2008

Kerberos Panzer Cop Midori Washio by Takara

Medicom should learn a thing or two from Takara when it comes to producing Panzer Cops and re-learn everything from Hot Toys when it comes to producing 1/6 figures because these two companies ROCK at the moment when it comes to 1/6 figures!! When Takara released Kerberos Panzer Cop Protect Gear Midori Washio in 2005, it brought armoured figures to a whole new level. The sculpting, the details and the thought process that went into making sure that even an armoured figure could still have extreme poseability and articulation was simply amazing.

Midori Washio came in a very nice box

Midori's armour wasn't one moulded piece of plastic (Medicom take note!), it was made up of individual pieces layered, and attached with hinges at the right places to afford complete movement of all limbs for poseability. Everything could be removed if desired just like a real person would - that's the beauty of 1/6 for me - the realism.

Check out the details on the backpack, butt plate and overall armour - beautiful (Shame on you, Medicom - charging a bomb and giving us crap)

Check out the Mauser C96 in the holster - no more moulded crap like Medicom's. Helmet has the five dots logo, Yutaka Izubuchi's (who created the Protect-Gear armour used in the Kerberos saga) mecha design signature.

She carries the MP40 (Maschinenpistole 40, literally "machine pistol 40") which makes sense since she's weaker physically as compared to her bulkier version male counterparts. 

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