Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kerberos Panzer Cops Group Pictures

Now for some scale comparisons. From left to right - Medicom Jin-roh Wolf Brigade Kerberos, Dragon Straydog Kerberos and Medicom Straydog Kerberos. Suprisingly, Jin-Roh Kerberos isn't as short as the other Medicom figures (even though they are all supposed to be 1/6, Medicom's are always a tad shorter - I can understand it if they were supposed to represent asians and we are not built like Vikings but even their non-asian figures are short; case in point - Medicom Star Wars figures. What irks me is that even on the same scale, their Darth Vader is puny standing next to the stormtroopers and to make matters worse, the Medicom Clonetrooper is as tall and bigger than Vader... come on, Medicom, WAKE UP!!)

Takara Kerberos joins the fray

A closer look at the pair of Straydog Kerberos (Dragon's on the right)

Takara Kerberos duo of Midori Washio and Chuichi Koshiramaru - the BEST Protect Gear Panzer Cops by far!

Takara's releasing two more Protect Gear figures with different headsculpts because in one of the movies, Midori Washio, Koichi Todome and Soichiro Toribe are a trio of Panzer Cops who work as one, a metaphor for the three heads of the Cerberus, with each character completing and backing up his comrades with his own abilities although the term is also used within the saga as a generic term to designate all Panzer Cops in Protect Gear. I had hoped that Takara would at least give us some new design or at least different accessories because these look like re-releases with different headsculpts. Everyone knows Kerberos looks BEST with the gas mask and helmet on - nice to have a face behind the mask but who really cares what the face looks like! Takara is turning into those money grabbing corporations who churn out more of the same and expect us to pay a bomb for them - what happened to economies of scale i.e. produce more, overall cost reduced hence reduced price. Just give us the extra heads for us to customise if we so choose, not make us fork out hard earned cash for more of the same.


Anonymous said...

I just spotted the Takara at this shop in Leisuredrome, La Tendo I think or something like that. Price was $260, wondering if that is a good price, seems a tad ex. Like your collection, btw!

alex teo said...

yeah, takara stuff can go real fast once they hit the shelves, then the last few left are asking for higher prices - demand just exceeds supply :( maybe wait for the new release to hit but don't take my word for it. Thanks for looking :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit late to the Stray Dog game...but damn I love these figures. Found one in Den Den town Osaka the other day by Dragon with the light up eyes for 8400 yen which is aprox $100 US

Check out some of my pics.

alex teo said...

Hi Parappa, it's never too late to get into the game :) US$100 is a good price for the Dragon Stray Dog figure. Nice blog and pictures ;p