Friday, March 14, 2008

LAPD SWAT v2.0 by Hot Toys 2004

Hot Toys released their first SWAT figure in 2001 with Keanu Reeves' likeness for the role he played in the movie Speed (1994) as Jack Traven, LAPD SWAT explosives expert, which also starred Sandra Bullock. Unfortunately, Hot Toys was just coming out into the market and was too hasty with this release and quality was lacking. As a result, the assault vest IMO was too big and looked oversized.

In 2004, Hot Toys released their second LAPD SWAT figure (v2.0), most likely due to the release of the "SWAT (2003)" movie. This time they got it right with the uniform, gear and all.

Hot Toys went on to release SWAT v3.0, accompanied by a female SWAT figure.

There's also the Los Angeles County Sheriff's SWAT "Chuck Morris", FBI HRT, BBI Cleveland SWAT, Dragon's Colin Farrell SWAT figure, BBI LAPD SWAT "Sergeant Mendez", Takara's Combat Joe SWAT, Dragon NYPD ESU "Bill" and "Winona".


Michael (Tuno) said...

i wanna have one so much, can you point me out where to buy it ? i live in San Gabriel, Los Angeles

alex teo said...

Hi Michael (Tuno), thanks for looking. Unfortunately, Hot Toys' products are VERY HOT and they disappear from the shelves real fast. Best bet is e-bay when somebody let go of theirs, plus a lot of the products there are in the US so you don't have to worry about shipping.

Anonymous said...

hey bro! need your expert opinion, which is better? the 2.0 version or the 3.0?? email me at!
much appreciated!

alex teo said...

Hi Sam, I think they are pretty much the same except for the head sculpt which is why after I got 2.0, I didn't feel the need to get 3.0 CHEERS