Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kerberos Straydog Panzer Cop by Dragon, 2002

Dragon released three versions of Kerberos Straydog Panzer Cop in 2002 - International, Battle-damaged and Light-up Eyes. These were based on the 1991 Japanese film "StrayDog: Kerberos Panzer Cops" and were way better than Medicom's 2001 version and less pricier too.

The armour isn't one moulded piece but actually individual pieces joined together (the leg armour is much better than Medicom's and does not restrict the articulation).

He is armed with the MG42 which replaced the MG34 during the later stages of WWII.

His Walter P38 side-arm is carried in a holster at his side. He also has a Mauser C96 pistol.

Backpack also very nicely done

Got the light-up version (that's the reason why they are also called "Red Spectacles")

Dismantled "head" shows how batteries are replaced

Check out Kerberos Panzer Cops Group Pictures


Blair said...

hi, just ordered myself a midori protect gear. I see you have almost all o them.. and i am wanting to customize her. I want the light-up eyes and to replace her backpack and gun.. just wondering if the light-up head is available somewhere or custom and if the other soldier's backpacks will attach to her rear armor in place of hers. thanks,


Anonymous said...

I am going to get me a dragon (no light). Like to see the MG which was in the package. Is it realy this bad? Is it to see on one of your other pictures?

I appreciate your site for reference, cause the promo pics differ from what you get mostly.


alex teo said...

hey Jens, check out this site for in-box pictures -


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot. I will buy one now. It looks very good to me. Price will be 85$ guess this will be ok.

regards from Germany


Anonymous said...

by the you think there will be a good place to put some stielhandgranaten on?