Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kerberos Straydog Panzer Cop by Medicom, 2001

The premise for the Kerberos saga was that Japan became a totalitarian country after losing the Second World War to the Germans and martial law is imposed. The Kerberos Panzer Cops were formed and tasked to handle all terrorist type activities, being equipped with German military equipment, vehicles and weapons. These crack troops would put down all resistance and nib any hint of rebellion in the bud.

The Protect-Gear is the full body armour used by Kerberos Panzer Cop Anti-Vicious Crime Division units and it borrows many elements from the uniform and equipment from WWII Germany such as the Stahlhelm helmet and anti-shrapnel body armour, Mauser C96 semi-automatic pistol and Maschinengewehr (machine guns). The designation "panzer" (from pancier, body armour) is a German term from this same era. Kerberos Panzer Cops are elite individuals selected for their superior intellectual and physical capabilities.

Didn't really follow the saga but when I first laid eyes on a Kaiyodo 1/6 Panzer Cop in a vinyl model kit shop, I was hooked. So when Medicom released this Stray Dog Protect Gear Panzer Cop in 2001, it was a must-have!

Unfortunately, Medicom's MG was crap so I replaced it with a more superior MG34 and spare barrel in case, carried above his backpack.

Medicom's armour was all one moulded piece of plastic, including the leg armour and side-arm (it's supposed to be an extra weapon!). Have added the extra pouch for effect.

The metallic flexi-tube from the backpack connected to the gas mask was a nice touch


jaztermareal said...

as poor as this figure is, i still love mine. the metallic look while inaccurate was a nice touch.
great reuse of the kayodo/buildup kit.

alex teo said...

this was my FIRST kerberos figure :) I had it before the rest (& better ones) came along