Wednesday, March 12, 2008

LAPD SWAT "Sergeant Mendez"

BBI released this SWAT figure in 2002 and he came with a ton of accessories. He was really loaded, especially if you compared him to his Takara counterpart. Sergeant Mendez was ready for urban war, since he's from the Urban Assault Team of the LAPD SWAT.

Other than what he had on him, he also has his battering ram, crowbar, sledge hammer, heavy duty bolt cutter, multi-tool and wrist watch.


Anonymous said...

were can you get them? i want one so bad

alex teo said...

Hey Reece, this figure was released in 2002 and even then, they sold out pretty fast. It's going to be tough to find one these days and even harder to get it at a good price. Cheers

tyler said...

They are available on eBay from time to time....really looks better than mine. Mine was a kitbash.