Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Top Cop by Real Heroes, 1999

Modern Police Officer by Real Heroes, ERTL Collectibles in 1999

Also came with jacket/windbreaker with patches and badge, flak vest, Remington 870 shotgun and Remington 700 sniper rifle.


karen.e.hausfeld@gmail.com said...

Hi there! Love your pics. I'm the wife of a disabled (in the line of duty) cop I'm also a Twihard & love Robert Tonner's 15 - 17" dolls. However, he didn't make all the main characters, & I'm having a difficult time with Chief Swan, Bella's Dad. Had a basic uniform & belt custom made,plus custom rugged black boots. I've looked around,ordered couple of patches & a badge, but have no idea where to get realistic items for his duty-belt. Didn't even think about the shotgun/rifle or the radio. Is there a place where I could buy some of these a-la-carte, that you know of? I don't think things for a smaller doll will be a real big deal at this scale. Any ideas??

Thx, Karen

alex teo said...

Hi Karen, thanks for the compliments and thanks for sharing. If you are looking for loose parts, you can try e-bay or Cotswold Collectibles. Hope it helps :) cheers