Wednesday, December 17, 2008

200,000 and counting :)

I'll never be Danny Choo, renowned Otaku and SuperBlogger (there can be only ONE), also son of Jimmy Choo of Jimmy Choo shoes (YES! the one and the same) but we can all aspire to be like him. Attended his workshop recently when he was here in sunny Singapore - Ken also did a coverage here - thanks to Shaun's heads up and da man is for real - no airs and just a very nice fella who certainly deserves to be RICH. He is most willing to share his formula for success and someone you can just hang out with without feeling intimidated. Imagine being paid BIG BUCKS just to blog - we can all dream the dream but only some of us will ever make it a reality BUT plod on we must, for mission to complete we will.

So, on that humbling note, I am just pleased as punch to have had 205, 006 Unique Visitors as at 12:34:11 today :) That's 98 days since I had 100,402 Unique Visitors on September 9, 2008. Some wonderful experiences include making friends (local and overseas, with some local ones actually visiting my humble abode), as well as receiving many very encouraging email and the privilege of knowing some of the fine fighting men who are actually fighting for truth, liberty and freedom out there, including some from the 173rd Airborne Brigade.

Some uplifting comments include:
"Definitely the finest collection I have seen on the web and a true inspiration...thanks for your blog and thanks for sharing...Kal"

"This is a collection worth the envy of many collectors. Outstanding displays and a wonderful blog for many other collectors to see and hopefully, show off their own collections of figures. Blessings, Jaime"

"wow really amazing blog! Definitely bookmarking this. Josh"

"Congrats for the blog! I´ve spent the whole morning surfing it, in my workplace :-) Jose"

"Hi there, I just happened to stumble upon your Toy Haven blog and want to congratulate you on your very impressive collection. My jaw just dropped when I saw just how MANY figures you have. Alex"

"I was doing some research on my Six Million Dollar Man 12 inch action figure when I ran across your blog. I was very impressed and after taking a look at your collection made me decide to keep my Steve Austin doll and display it. Thanks for the inspiration - I was wanting to decorate the walls in my office and now, because of you, I know what I want to do. Brad"

and even from Zach from Contender Asia
"Hey Alex, yeah was just browsing around and found something about me...and saw the article...and then THE TOYS!! So had to write a comment!! hahah I love toys too but can't compare to you!! damn that is A LOT OF TOYS!! Zach"

Once again, a BIG THANK YOU to all friends, fellow bloggers and visitors. Hope you enjoy the blog posts and continue to visit ;P


Shaun said...

congrats on hitting 200K, my guru. A well deserved achievement, given what a wonderful resource your site is.

alex teo said...

thank you Shaun :) it's people like you with your kind and encouraging words that spur me on

Little Plastic Man said...

Congrats!! 200K now...very soon a million! A well deserved achievement for a wonderful and insightful blog!

alex teo said...

many thanks Adrian :) for your support