Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kitbash Bruce Wayne Biker

With the release of "The Dark Knight" DVD, I got to watch the movie all over again and I still enjoyed it the third time, especially Heath Leadger as Joker. One of the reasons I'd been waiting eagerly for the DVD was to catch a glimpse of Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) in his biker outfit. This is when Bruce Wayne goes to the apartment of a suspect who has links to the Joker and turns up at the scene where the Joker and his henchmen attempt to kill Gotham City Mayor Robert Garcia (Nestor Carbonell, who played Batmanuel in "The Tick" TV series).

I'd kitbashed Bruce Wayne in his suit, Bruce Wayne going spelunking, now I can kitbash a biker Bruce Wayne.

Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale head sculpt by Hot Toys) in his biker's outfit

Not the MV AGUSTA which he rode in the movie but a borrowed bike from a certain masked rider

Love that this helmet's visor (an Action Man accessory released in 1994) still shows Bale's face

Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) removes his helmet


Anonymous said...

I like the leather jacket..Swee!!

alex teo said...

thanks desmond :) i believe the jacket is from Saturday Toys when they released a whole lot of Prison Break wardrobe sometime back