Friday, December 19, 2008

UN gives green light to land ops in Somalia

Land military operations will be launched against pirates taking shelter in Somalia. This comes after the pirates became increasingly emboldened, especially after hijacking a Saudi-owned supertanker Sirius Star, in the Gulf of Aden. The supertanker was carrying two million barrels of crude oil. Earlier the pirates had seized an arms-laden Ukranian ship. In total, 19 vessels have been seized, with some 400 sailors held. The pirates use the ships and her crew for ransom. Somalia seems to be a haven for pirates and warlords, famous for the "Black Hawk Down" incident in 1993.

Looks like the special operations forces will be kept even busier. Besides conducting VBSS (Visit, Board, Search and Seizure) operations, they will also have to carry out land raids as well. The US Navy SEALs will undoubtedly be among one of the elite forces utilized for this mission.

Lst's also not rule out the USMC MEU-SOC (Marine Expeditionary Unit - Special Operations Capable). BBI's 26th MEU-SOC 2nd Force Recon's "Chopper" strikes an imposing figure.

So does Hot Toys USMC 26th MEU-SOC figure as well - all fully loaded and ready for some serious kicking of Pirates a$$es and then some. Let's not forget the "Nightstalkers" i.e. 160th SOAR (Special Operations Aviation Regiment), utilized for flying all of them in and out of hostile territories when required.

Kudos to all the fine fighting men and women for their continuing efforts in fighting terrorism and maintaining world peace.


Joshua said...

iDROOL at your display of sheer military FIGURE MIGHT!

Wish i had the money to collect all those figures!!!

Anonymous said...

Alex, I give you a salute!! Haha!!

alex teo said...

hi joshua, desmond & adrian, THANKS :) i think. we all have to do our bit to keep the economy going coz there's a saying, "Money makes the world go round." - LOL!