Saturday, December 6, 2008

William Fichtner as Gotham National Bank Manager

I only noticed William Fichtner as Colonel William Sharp in "Armageddon (1998)" which starred Bruce Willis of course, and "Black Hawk Down (2001)" as Sergeant First Class Jeff Sanderson (based on real Delta Force operator Paul Howe). He was also in "Equilibrium (2002)" which starred pre-"Batman/Bruce Wayne" Christian Bale. He went on to appear regularly in the "Prison Break" TV series from Season 2 alongside Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell before landing the minor role of Gotham National Bank Manager in "The Dark Knight (2008)".

As the bank manager who works for the mob, William Fichtner pulls out a Remington 870 shotgun from under his desk and shoots one of the clowns in the back; he then proceeds to shoot at the other two in the lobby, one of which is the masked Joker.

William Fichtner and his very nice suit is from Saturday Toys "Men in suits" series. He also come with extras such as shades and cell phone (Remington 870 Shotgun NOT included)

Bank Manager: "The criminals in this town used to believe in things. Honor... respect! Look at you. What do you believe in, huh? What do you believe in?!"
[The Joker kneels down, grabs the manager's face, and sticks a grenade attached to a string into his mouth]
The Joker: "I believe whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you..." [Joker takes off his clown mask for the first time, to reveal the horrific scars that extend his mouth into a giant grin] "...stranger."


Anonymous said...

I find this piece is worth buying as William can be played as the character in TDK and also in Prison Break..

alex teo said...

yup i agree with you desmond; plus there're two Fichtners and two suits - more possibilities :)

Anonymous said...

Where did you find that Remington870 shot gun?

alex teo said...

hi there, i bought the shot gun from the local store that sells 1/6 parts and weapons broken down from the boxed sets.