Monday, December 29, 2008

Batman rides Batpod

Having reviewed the Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece 1/6 scale Batpod (what a jaw dropping, drool inducing piece of beautiful machine), it does look lonely without its rider. Batman "The Dark Knight" gets ready to ride his Batpod.

Notice the new cape and attachment (cape holder) on Batman. These came with the Batpod

Batman getting onto the Batpod sans cape

Top view of Batman on the Batpod without his cape to show the riding position

Now with flying cape for dramatic effect

TDK Batman riding the Batpod. Thanks to the new costume, he is able to lift his head to look forward instead of down - that would've been rather odd

The rider shields (forearm guards) of the Batpod are not symmetrical in design, nor are the handlebars - nice touch

It was quite a challenge to pose TDK Batman onto the Batpod, even though he's supposed to be a poseable figure. I discovered by accident that the spikes on his gauntlet is removable, just like when Batman shoots them at The Joker in the climatic battle. But you gotta admit, the flying cape effect looks nice for posing and displaying Batman on his Batpod.

Another view of TDK Batman on his mean machine

Another angle shot of Batman, the right shield and difference in the handlebars

TDK Batman with his knee and feet placed on the knee rest and pedals

TDK Batman on his Batpod with lights flashing and guns blazing (nope. no sound effects available)!

Close-up of Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece TDK Batman on his Batpod

Place this shot on the right background image and you can be mistaken for thinking it's a movie still. That's the beauty of Hot Toys craftsmanship - the realism they are able to achieve with their 1/6 scale poseable figures in terms of sculpting, skin tones and poseability. It has been a GREAT year for collectors!

The Dark Knight riding off into the night, ready to take on Eddie Murphy as The Riddler and Rachel Weisz as Catwoman with the help from Robin (to be played by Shia LeBeouf) in the next Batman movie.


Anonymous said...

Great figure, great ride and huge sum of money spent as well..Haha!!

cosmicbaby said...

great picts & review as always! I should waltz down & pick up mine :)

alex teo said...

yup desmond but for me, that's money well spent - ha! ha! this way, i know where my money went because it's displayed all around me and if i really want to, still can sell lah. with internet and e-bay, market now very big leh, demand exceeds supply so still can get some money back, heh! heh!

thanks marcus, you should waltz right down and make this a great start for 2009!

Happy new year, guys