Saturday, December 27, 2008

2008 Top 10 Toys - No. 2

My second favorite toy on the 2008 Top 10 favorites list is purely sentimental. Since "Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark" was shown in cinemas in 1981, it has been such a ride. Every movie was entertaining (except the last one, of course) and sometimes you just want to own something related to the film for nostalgic reasons. So when I started collecting 12" figures way back then, the hunt was on for a 12" version of everyone's favorite adventurer, the man with the hat and whip - Indiana Jones.

My first Indy was Kenner's 12" Indiana Jones which basically had their Star Wars Han Solo head sculpt and body but with a new wardrobe/attire. The hat was HUGE and the whip was "bleh". But that can be forgiven as this Indy was released as a toy then. There wasn't such a thing as a collectible.

Then came Toys McCoy's Indiana Jones in 1999. This Indy was very nice in the box because you just couldn't bring yourself to tear open its sealed contents. Next best thing was to slap on some knock-off accessories from "Relic Hunter" and you can still get a decent Indy.

Thanks to "Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull", the fourth Indy movie which was released this year, we were bombarded by 12" Indiana Jones figures left, right and center. First to jump on the bandwagon were Hasbro's "Talking Indiana Jones" and "Whipping Indiana Jones".

Then came Medicom Indiana Jones and Sideshow's Indy arrived last. So here we have just four of the Indys lined up, just like the usual suspects. For a full and complete line-up of all the Indiana Jones, check out the link here.

From left: Medicom Indy, Sideshow Indy

Toys McCoy Indy and Hasbro's whipping Indy

And the winner is.... Indiana Jones i.e. Medicom Indiana Jones. Sideshow's Indy somehow has a blank stare like he's not that together, still thinking about the Holy Grail perhaps.

The other great thing about Medicom's Indiana jones is that Indy comes with his father (or as we call it here "Lau Peh") Professor Henry Jones Sr

Now where's that German motorcycle with sidecar?

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