Friday, December 26, 2008

Preview: The Predator figures by Hot Toys

Things are on a roll now for Hot Toys 1/6 scale 12" Movie Masterpiece figures from "Predator". This 1987 sci-fi film starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer, Carl Weathers as CIA agent George Dillon, professional wrestler and former Navy UDT Jesse Ventura as Blain Cooper, Native American Sonny Landham as Billy Sole and the 7' 2½" (2.20 m) tall Kevin Peter Hall as The Predator. The story follows an elite team on a mission to rescue hostages from a guerrilla group in Central America but the group ends up being hunted by an extra-terrestrial lifeform which wasn't a xenomorph. First mentioned here in June, more pictures have emerged and they are GOOD!

Producer Joel Silver who, based on his experience with "Commando (1985)" starring you-know-who, seemed the right choice to turn the vintage science fiction pulp storyline into a big-budget film. Silver enlisted his former boss Lawrence Gordon as co-producer and John McTiernan was hired as director for his first studio film. Silver and Gordon then approached Arnold Schwarzenegger for the lead role. [source: wiki]

Arnold Schwarzenegger as MAJ Alan "Dutch" Schaefer, leader of the elite team of special operators tasked to rescue presidential cabinet members of Guatemala kidnapped by guerrilla forces in Val Verde. From playing "The Terminator (1984)" to fighting The Predator to becoming the "Governator", he has certainly come a long way from Austria.

Billy Sole, played by Sonny Landham, is a Native American Kit Carson-style scout and the team's tracker. He is the first one to sense that the Predator is hunting them.

Having released so many different Predators already, Hot Toys obviously saved the best for last. This is Numero Uno, Predator Number 1, the first Predator to pave the way for more like him.

The only other character I would love to add to this bunch would be Blain Cooper, played by Jesse Ventura. He chews tobacco and his weapon of choice is a modified minigun he calls "Ol' Painless". He shows his distaste for Dillon by spitting on his boot on the helicopter ride into hostile territory. What a Character!

In reality, there was no way any normal human would be able to lift the minigun, aim or fire it without being blown backwards by the massive recoil. At the rate of fire, there's no way one can carry enough ammunition to fire it for more than a couple of seconds and the 7.62mm M134 minigun needs a power source: three truck batteries to be exact. But from a movie perspective, it was super-uber-cool.

In "Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)", it was Arnie's turn as T-800 to use the minigun.

More pictures of Dutch, Billy and Predator

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Anonymous said...

Hot Toys will be getting more of my money in the coming months. No questions, Dutch and the original Predator are must buys, the cigar just tops it.

alex teo said...

hey tony seems like Hot Toys won't be experiencing any recession for 2009 seeing that everybody's willing to part with their hard earned cash for Hot Toys' stuff.

Anonymous said...

It's all worth it; although I'm not usually into movie figures, I recently bought the two jokers, at a slightly inflated price for the original purple one. Man, I can't get my eyes off Yulli's & JC's astonishing work!
nice stuff with the Batpod btw, for those of us who won't be getting it, it's good to have some high-res pics.

alex teo said...

Congrats on your Joker purchases, Tony :) they are definitely good buys and true value for money IMHO. Thanks for the compliments on the Batpod pictures, I just wanted to be able to share the passion with like-minded people like yourself. Doubt I'll be getting the Batmobile so gotta make good with the Batpod ;p