Thursday, December 18, 2008

2008 Top 10 Toys - No. 8

And number eight on the 2008 Top Ten list goes to....

Hasbro's Star Wars Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon (check out the full review here)

I'd moved away from vehicles many years ago to concentrate on 12" 1/6 scale figures and accessories so it's a surprise even to me when I decided to pick up this baby, after checking out the reviews online. IMHO This is the ULTIMATE Millennium Falcon and the ONLY one I'll ever need. Because of its sheer size (it takes up a whole coffee table and almost half my dining table), there isn't space for anything else. With its amazing details, cockpit lights, ramp lights, sounds and movie dialogue, you can relive the good old days of Star Wars Episode IV all over again. Star Wars Episodes IV to VI is the classic for me, the newer Episodes I to III appeal more to the younger generation (my kids) and with the new Star Wars Clone Wars 3D CGI series, it's almost overkill (There can be too much of a good thing). 

This Star Wars Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon really brings back the joy of playing with a toy and for its price, no sane parent will ever think of buying this for their child so that means all the Falcons that are being snapped up are by working adults with some disposable income. Who says adults don't play with toys? Some do it with their sons when they become fathers, others like myself just keep on going even when their sons have stopped - LOL :D

The older Millennium Falcon was good enough then even though the scale was off when you start putting the figures in. 

No contest when compared with the latest Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon but good in its days

I even have the Millennium Falcon Carry Case for figures. That was when I just started collecting carded Star Wars figures until I decided I can't bear to keep the figures in the card and just stare at them through the bubble OR buy two sets, one to open and play with and one to keep. Plus the smaller figures don't look as realistic as the 1/6 scale figures with their detailed costumes and accessories.

Open case with some figures still inside

Lo and behold! Col. Jonathan "Jack" O'Neil (Kurt Russell) from "Stargate (1994)" was hiding inside as well. Must have entered the Star Wars universe through a wormhole created by the Stargate - GREAT movie! Kurt Russell was one of the alpha males of his time and acted in some classic action movies "Escape from New York (1981)" as Snake Plissken (now there's a 1/6 figure I'll love to have), "Big Trouble in Little China (1986)" as Jack Burton, "Tango & Cash (1989)" alongside Sylvester Stallone and recently as Stuntman Mike McKay in "Grindhouse"

Rebel Force X-Wing Fighter - blew us away when we were kids. Everyone wanted to fly one and destroy the Imperial Death Star after that exhilarating trench run.

Rebel Force Snowspeeder - for taking down the Imperial Walkers (Full review of the AT-AT here)

Trade Federation Armored Assault Tank (AAT) - featured most notably during the Invasion of Naboo (Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace) and later Clone Wars. The music score, composed and conducted by John Williams for Episode I was FANTASTIC, especially the "Duel of the Fates" (or Darth Maul theme) during the final lightsaber duel between Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Darth Maul, where Darth Maul gets cut in two by Obi-Wan.

AAT pilot in the front hatch of the tank with the commander in the top hatch

Battle Damaged!

"Well, that's all folks, thanks for the Award. We'll be taking our leave now, cargo to smuggle, bounty to outrun and all that." "Aaaarghhk" "Chewie says 'bye' too."

"See ya in the next millennium!"

Three down, seven to go... clock is ticking 


cosmicbaby said...

your chewie cock-eye-ed leh

alex teo said...

ha! ha! very keen observation marcus :) bo pian leh, buy that time already like that - at least he looks OK when seated in cockpit

Anonymous said...

I prefer more to the first three episodes as I was just started to collect Star Wars 12inch in May this year. Anyway, I am crazy about it now. Carrefour is currently selling MF around SGD 280. I think this is a good news to SW collectors :)

alex teo said...

ah desmond, that tells you how OLD i am :( this OLD man watched the original Star Wars Episode IV on the big screen in 1977 at the Odean Cinema which is near where Bras Basah Complex now sits (if my memory serves me correctly). MF at around SGD280 is as good a price as you're gonna get ;p WOW you have an amazing ability to know where things are and at what price, good to know, great resource to tap into - ha! ha!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Alex! Just a coincidence :)

Willy's Toys said...

I rescued a snowspeeder from a garage sale a long time ago. I was pretty messed up, so I repainted it and I think I did a pretty good job.

alex teo said...

so when do we get to see it? can't wait especially after seeing your AT-AT scene - drool ;p