Monday, December 22, 2008

Massive Terror Drill in Indonesia

In today's papers: Indonesia conducted a massive anti-terrorism drill on Sunday, December 21, involving nearly 7,000 security forces (police officers and soldiers). They stormed airports, five-star hotels, passenger ships and the stock exchange building.

This was in response to last month's militant rampage in Mumbai which left 195 dead. On November 27, it took just 10 young men armed with rifles and grenades to terrorize the city of 18 million and turn its postcard-perfect icons into battlefields.The three-day rampage and siege by militants on Mumbai's two top hotels and in various parts of the city was finally ended on November 29 when Indian commandos stormed the buildings and killed all the terrorists except one.

Television broadcast footage of the counter-terrorism forces descending from helicopters onto the glitzy Borobudur Hotel in Jakarta.

Note the bag for excess rope tied to the lower leg of the CT forces. This practice most likely originated from the British SAS (Special Air Service), one of the world's most elite forces and the first to show the world how to respond positively to a siege. This happened on May 5, 1980 when the SAS stormed the Iranian Embassy in London which was held by terrorists. One of the SAS trooper's leg was caught on the excess rope when they were repelling down from the roof to enter the building. That's why they introduced the bag to contain the excess rope and prevent a similar incident from recurring. They have since served as a model for the special forces of other countries.

On a lighter note, I found this Playmobil Special Agent figure recently. As far as I know, Playmobil hasn't released any Special Ops figure before so this was a pleasant surprise.

Basic Playmobil Special Police figure

Playmobil Special Police accessories include shotgun (?), pistol, special attachment, flashlight and helmet with full face shield

Playmobil Special Police reporting for duty

Holster for his pistol and special police patch on his right sleeve


Anonymous said...

Alex, thanks for your info. I will go to Popular to see if there are still available. Quite cute leh!!

alex teo said...

yeah desmond :) i find them CUTE too - i bought it from Suntec Harris (part of Popular) - not expensive.

cosmicbaby said...

Go to Action Toys stores (google it), $10 for 2 box (offer last till 31st Dec). Build your SWAT team!
BTW, They supply Harris!

Philippine National Counter-Terrorism Action Group (NACTAG) also conduct anti-terrorism drill with the aid of chicken blood:

alex teo said...

thanks marcus ;p