Tuesday, July 7, 2009

DID 2nd Ranger Battalion Sniper Preview

The plot thickens.

Did has announced that they will be releasing a World War II 1/6 scale 12-inch 2nd Ranger Battalion Sniper figure. What is most interesting is the head sculpt because unless you haven't watched "Saving Private Ryan (1998)" or "We Were Soldiers (2002)", you can definitely identify the HS as actor Barry Pepper, who acted as Private Daniel Jackson in SPR and Joseph L. Galloway in the latter, not to mention as Sergeant Mike Strank in "Flags of Our Fathers (2006)".

Why do I say the plot thickens? If you remember correctly, the other company Soldier Story recently released a 1/6 scale 12-inch WWII US Airborne Medic from the 82nd Airborne with a head sculpt meant to resemble Giovanni Ribisi as Medic Irwin Wade from "Saving Private Ryan". See my post HERE if you don't believe me.

Slowly but surely Captain Miller's squad is beginning to take shape in 1/6 scale.

DiD isn't even hiding the fact that this is Private Daniel from SPR because that's what they have named this figure.

Slap on his helmet and ranger assault vest

and you get almost an authentic World War II 2nd Ranger Battalion Private Daniel Jackson figure

Even comes with 1/6 scale dog tags

Unfortunately, it looks like the M1903 rifle that DiD has produced is the A1 version, which was only used by the USMC in the PTO (that's Pacific Theatre of Operations). The US GI snipers in the ETO (European Theatre of Ops) used the M1903A4, which has a different stock, different scope, different mounting brackets and no iron sights.

Full item details of DiD Private Daniel from 2nd Ranger Battalion: Figure with Unique Headsculpt (You have to admit, that's one fine head sculpt of Barry Pepper), M41 Jacket, HBT Pants, Leather Boots, Leggings, Wool Shirt, Gas Mask Bag, Abdomen Life Vest, Ranger Assault Vest, Gas Shoulder Brassard, M1 Helmet with Netting, M1903 Sniper Rifle, Sniper Scope Tube, 1/6 scale Dogtags with Cross, Garand Ammo Belt, .30 Cal Ammo Bandoleer, Colt .45 Pistol & Holster, Entrenching Tool & Carrier, Canteen & Carrier, First Aid Pouch, Wool Cap, Knuckle Knife & Sheath, and Extra Set of Hands

Other Barry Pepper head sculpts I already own: US Navy SEAL Recon (Nam) figure, World War II 101st Airborne NCO (Staff Sergeant) figure.

And then there's Tom Hanks as Captain John H Miller and Matt Damon as Private First Class James Francis Ryan from "Saving Private Ryan" (pictures of both of them HERE)

Full Review of product in hand - DiD 1/6 scale 12-inch WWII US Army 2nd Ranger Battalion Marksman "Private Daniel" HERE


Little Plastic Man said...

Just curious, besides the wrong rifle, anything else that differs from the movie?

Anonymous said...

omg! i want this!!! :)
DID is getting better at thier headsculpts (Medic Gilbert Roe, Von Stauffenberg, and now this!) hope you can post a review of these...
Clothing and gears top notch, they are like Hot Toys of world war II era figures hehe...
My only complain is the body that they still use :(

alex teo said...

hi adrian, as far as i can tell, everything else is pretty spot on - definitely on my MUST HAVE list

hey AL, switch bodies if you have to :) don't let it hold you back from having a gem of a HS as this one.