Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hot Toys FIRST Predator Review Part II

Part II of Hot Toys MMS90 Movie Masterpiece Series 1/6 scale 14-inch Predator from the first Predator movie featuring realistic based 1/6 scale (14-inch/35cm tall) Predator with over 24 points of articulations and highly detailed armor, highly detailed medical kit and figure including newly developed body, chest, and arms plus 3 interchangeable hands. The Predator wears a real fabric net body suit with bone trophies and comes with interchangeable open and closed mandibles, articulated shoulder cannon, extendable wrist blades, wrist computer and removable mask with light-up laser ( battery operated) and a Jungle-themed display base. Some of the features have already been covered in the previous post (link here)

This post will cover the highly anticipated light-up Predator mask. A Predator's hunting helmet (also called Bio Mask) increases its ability to see in a variety of spectrums, ranging from the low infrared to the high ultraviolet, and also filters the ambient heat from the area, allowing them to see things with greater clarity and detail. Housed within the helmet is a targeting and tracking system for the shoulder-mounted energy weapon or plasma casters. Incorporated to finalize the shot is a lock-on system. As the quarry is decided upon, the designator will zoom a triangle in on the prey from the HUD (Head-up Display), which will flash and turn solid red, then fire.

LED light operation guide

Here's the Predator mask unplugged. You can see the wires and the white connector that goes into the back armor. I liked that the mask has some battle damage or scars from previous battles. The shoulder cannon or plasma caster is in the stand-by or passive mode.

Connector goes to the back and plugs into the back armor

Hot Toys 14-inch Predator battery compartment

And the "on/off" switch for the batteries, located at the side. Everything looks seamless and there are no extra protrusions - nicely done by Hot Toys

Hot Toys MMS90 Movie Masterpiece Series 1/6 scale 14-inch Predator from the first Predator movie with light-up mask

Close-up of the Predator's light-up mask with plasma caster in firing mode. The triangular laser rangefinder is used to assist in aiming the shot.

Another look at his bone trophies which were covered in the previous post

1/6 scale 14-inch Predator wrist blades which are a common melee weapon for most Predators

The Predator alien wrist blades extend and retract from his right wristband.

Besides his shoulder armor, the Predator also has plate armor over other parts of his body

He also wears a loin cloth like Tarzan

Hot Toys Predator wrist computer

Each Predator carries a self-destruct device mounted on their wrist computer. Once activated this device begins a relatively short countdown. Red LEDs of Predator numerals on the Predator's gauntlet serve as a warning that the bomb is about to explode. The detonation of the bomb results in a small nuclear-like explosion which destroys an area equivalent to 300 city blocks.

Here's another look at his back armor with the medicomp or medical kit stored in his left rear top (covered in the previous post) plus his trademark long, hair-like appendages on his head.

A closer look at the plasma caster, the shoulder-mounted energy weapon. Unlike the Scar Predator whose plasma caster is mounted at the rear, this first Predator alien's cannon is mounted at the front.

And now for a three-some: Hot Toys Dutch, Billy and Predator

Hot Toys Private Billy Sole facing off with the Predator alien

And Hot Toys Dutch face-to-face with the Predator

Dutch: "You're one... *ugly* mutherf**k*r!" (language as used in the film) In today's context, it's just FUGLY!! And these two happen to be BFF - LOL!

For review of Hot Toys Collector's Edition MMS73 (Movie Masterpiece Series) 1/6 12-inch Action Figure Private Billy Sole, follow this link. Click here to see pictures of Hot Toys MMS72 (Movie Masterpiece Series) 1/6 scale 12-inch collector's edition Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer with Arnold Schwarzenegger's likeness.

I have also reviewed Hot Toys 2006 released Scar Predator from the 2004 movie "Alien vs Predator (AVP)" here


desmond said...

These figures look nice when you put them together..

Anonymous said...

hi Alex, Kelvin here. Your blog site is amazing. Always so exciting to browse. I like the predator, the texture on the armour and the batt LED is so cool! Cheers!

alex teo said...

yeah desmond, that's one of the joys of collecting - when you can put them together and take pictures or soak it all in - very shiok and satisfying :)

hey kelvin, thanks for the compliments. I like the texture of the armour too :) that's why I collect 1/6 because you can really examine the details. Having said that, I think your painting skills are pretty amazing when it comes to miniatures.

Anonymous said...

this thing is amazing how much you bought it for??
and i am the guy who was chatting with you about the dx joker

alex teo said...

hi "guy who got the DX Joker", i managed to pre-order these three with TFH before they were even released so i had them at a good price (always pays to pre-order if that is what you really want. confirmed product upon release and no worries about raised and inflated prices) CHEERS

Anonymous said...

oh does your the tubing on his arm have problems cause mine looks like it's going to break

alex teo said...

the tubing on mine still seems okay

AmazingToyFigures said...

Hi Alex, I have been reading your blog for sometime... Really like the very detailed reviews that you have, complete with pictures and sometimes a little bit of humor..

This Hot toys Predator seems to be getting harder to find at reasonable prices.... but thats the thing about toy collecting... To always know that there is something missing in your collection and waiting for the day to come to pick it up at a good price... that way we always have something to look forward to, something to hunt for...

alex teo said...

Hi ATF, thanks for the kind words :) Hot Toys will be releasing a newer Classic Predator from the most recent Predator film so at least collectors have another chance of getting the Classic without having to pay the HIGH price ;p anyway, you are right about the toy hunting aspect of toy collecting - always something to look forward to. CHEERS