Monday, July 6, 2009

GI Joe US Army West Point Cadet

GI Joe Timeless Collection FAO Schwarz Exclusive "West Point & Annapolis Cadets" Figures and Accessories Reminiscent of the Golden Age (1964-1978). Already covered the Annapolis Cadet in the previous post. Here's the 1/6 scale 12-inch West Point Cadet figure which came with Hat (Shako) with plume and strap, gray ceremonial jacket with rank chevrons, maroon waist sash with two metal clips, cross shoulder strap (sword belt) with gold buckle and sword loop, sword, sheath, white trousers and dress shoes. Also has ceremonial white M1 Garand rifle with strap, dog tag with chain, US Army flag and display stand.

Among the many distinguished and notable figures that have graduated from West Point are Generals Dwight D Eisenhower, Omar Bradley and George S Patton (all covered in my earlier post "Generals, Fall IN!" HERE)

There's also the GI Joe Dress Marine (post HERE)

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