Thursday, July 30, 2009

Comparing Sideshow with Medicom and Hasbro

I'm BACK!!

And now let's take a look at the different 1/6 scale Darth Vaders out there - the usual suspects: from left, Hasbro Ultimate Villain Darth Vader (Episode III), Sideshow ANH Darth Vader (Star Wars Episode IV - his first appearance), Hasbro Electronic Darth Vader from Episode VI and Medicom RAH Episode VI Darth Vader. I've excluded the original Hasbro 12" Darth Vader which was released in August 1996.

Another look at all four of them

Zooming in to Medicom RAH Darth Vader right in front

And here's the drastic height difference between Sideshow Darth Vader and Medicom RAH Darth Vader. I don't know how some collectors can say they don't mind the height difference as long as the product is good. Medicom RAH Darth Vader is very well produced, for sure BUT the height difference is really disturbing for me. Most of my figures are in 1/6 scale and I cannot place Medicom RAH Darth Vader near any of the other 1/6 Star Wars figures because he looks puny next to them, instead of being imposing. Even when lined up with the other Medicom RAH Star Wars figures, he's still puny!!

Sideshow Darth to Medicom Vader: "Whatcha lookin at, boy? You aching for a beating, short stuff!"

Medicom Vader: "When I grow up, I'm gonna be big and tall and strong like you."

And here's Sideshow Darth Vader standing side by side with Hasbro Darth Vader - a case of SLIM vs FAT

So for me, even if Sideshow Darth Vader is considered by some to be a little too tall, I say better to be TALL than small and short.

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Next post
: Sideshow Darth Vader with Sideshow Storm Troopers (will the height difference be really that telling?)


Anonymous said...

Medicom's figures are too slim and short. Their joints are vulnerable too ! I got a Medicom Kato (not Bruce Lee's sculpt, otherwise I would cry !) months ago but broke its wrist and shoulder joints. I also got a Medicom RAH Akiko Fuji (Ultraman Series) and almost broke its shoulder joints. The joints were dislocated even under gentle moves. I always feel visually uncomfortable when placing a Medicom figure with HT's.

desmond said...

Alex, have you buy Medicom EP3 Darth Vader??

alex teo said...

hi anonymous - i have given up on Medicom's figures because of their high high prices and low quality joints. you can get two sideshow figures for one of medicom's which is what i did when i bought Sideshow's Imperial Stormtroopers.

no desmond, i didn't get Medicom EP3 Darth Vader because i felt that the burnt face is not as detailed or recognizable as EP6 old Anakin's scarred face.

The Rebel said...

Nice one Alex! Funny captions too!!!

alex teo said...

thanks rebel, i call it as i see it XD

Dash MacBastard said...

Great to have you back, Guru!
Once again- awesome pics.

alex teo said...

thanks Dash, GREAT to be back :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Alex,
Great to have u back!!
finally the toy adventure can continue.. hehehe
Speaking of Medicom, Whats ur take on the Medicom Cro-Magnon SAS?
It is as fragile as other medicom figures? Read alot about broken Medicom figures on arrival thru mail.hope u didn't get that fate...

alex teo said...

hey anonymous, THANKS!
IMHO Medicom Cro-Magnon SAS is one of the best out there. I posted about him here. My SAS is still standing fine altho I too have heard horror stories of Medicom bodies breaking apart. I have a SARU figure from Tokyo Tribe 2 break apart on me recently too :( other than that, all the other Medicom figures seem fine, even Judge Dredd from 1995, and that's almost 15 years now.

Kokoro's Husband said...

yuppi!!! i'm was starting to worry, welcome back Alex, don't stop posting news about this wonderful toys, by the way i love Star Wars Saga

Anonymous said...

omg! thats how tall the sideshow Darth Vader compared to Medicom Vader?
i have the Medicom Vader and it cost me a fortune (not mint purchased), what i do is i display him always on a platform or deck so as to project him taller than the others :)
But with the Sideshow Vader wow man even putting high heels or elevated shoes on my Medicom Vader wont work! :)
- AL

alex teo said...

hey AL it's not how tall Sideshow Darth Vader is BUT how SHORT Medicom made their Darth Vader - very disappointing :(