Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Medicom Star Wars Episode IV Han Solo

Waited a while to get my hands on this (first previewed HERE) - the recently released Medicom Star Wars Episode IV Han Solo figure. Medicom 1/6 scale Han Solo comes in the standard black box - black and boring. While Sideshow has produced some very nice packaging for their 12-inch Star Wars figures even though it is also black, and Hot Toys has produced some of the more innovative and attractive packaging, all Medicom Star Wars figures come in the same black box without any pictures or images so let's skip directly to the product (Harrison Ford as Han Solo 1/6 scale collectible figure) itself.

Here's Medicom RAH (Real Action Heroes) Han Solo just out of the box, without his customized DL-44 blaster pistol and droid caller (only accessories that come with the figure, plus two extra hands and the customary display stand)
"I'm captain of the Millennium Falcon. Chewie here tells me you're lookin' for passage to the Alderaan system?"

What attracted me to this figure was the head sculpt. I have stopped collecting Medicom Star Wars figures because of their puny size and high prices, opting instead for Sideshow's Star Wars figures which are much better and also cost much less too - no brainer, if you ask me.

But this is one of the more accurate head sculpts of Harrison Ford as Han Solo (IMHO) - mercenary pirate, smuggler captain and cocksure braggart (exact words used to describe Han Solo in the DK published "Star Wars Visual Dictionary"). This is Harrison Ford with the 1970s hairstyle, in his starting role as Han Solo. In 1975, director George Lucas used him to read lines for actors being cast for parts in his upcoming space opera, "Star Wars (1977)". Steven Spielberg convinced Lucas that Ford was meant to star in the film, resulting in his being cast as Han Solo. The rest, as they say, is history.

Besides Han Solo's very well tailored Corellian spacer black vest and cream-colored shirt (his trademark outfit), there's also his 1/6 scale pants belt as well as pistol belt with quick-draw holster

Medicom RAH Han Solo's navy blue captain's pants with Corellian blood stripe and jackboots

The extra hands (right pistol grip hand and left grasping hand) plus Han Solo's customized 1/6 scale DL-44 blaster pistol and droid caller

Another view of the accessories that come with Medicom RAH 1/6 scale Han Solo

And here's Star Wars Episode IV Han Solo in one of his classic poses

A cautious Han Solo getting ready to draw his pistol

Han Solo with pistol drawn - check out his left hand (nice sculpting by Medicom)

Han Solo's other trademark pose, etched in our minds since 1977 when "Star Wars" the movie was shown and introduced a whole new concept of movie merchandise!!

"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid."
Needless to say, I'm mighty happy with this one :)

For a look at the ultimate Millennium Falcon (Han Solo's ship which he won in a game of sabacc), click on the link HERE

MORE Han Solo pictures in the next post


Dash MacBastard said...

Han shot first!!!

alex teo said...

And that's the way george lucas should have left it. His tinkering of the original has spoilt it - his original version was much better!!

Covenant said...

Medicom's Han has a big ass head. I can see Harrison Ford in there but it looks like teenage Han Solo with those proportions. After the bad Indiana Jones attempts I think Medicom should give up on trying to capture Ford's likeness and stick to anime. Why can't anyone make some Crockett and Tubbs figures already!?!?

alex teo said...

sorry you feel that way covenant but i just don't see it. IMHO this is the closest Harrison Ford Han Solo head sculpt out there ;>

Anonymous said...

This and thier Indiana Jones is a good sculpt of Harison Ford.
keep in mind that Medicom headsculpts has an "animation/anime" kind/type of style to it...
Great articulation on thier body, but the height is indeed short and body frame is small (was wandering if they base this on Asian body stats and not Caucasian???)
But in thier RAH Clone troopers they managed to use taller much better 1/6 scale bodies why havent they continued using those on thier upcoming figures???
Overall i admire/like MEDICOM RAH figures despite it's "Short"comings and being pretty expensive!!! :)

alex teo said...

hey AL, it seems we are both like-minded :) Agree with you totally about Medicom's head sculpts having an "animation/anime" style to it - people got to accept that to appreciate their HS. As for the short bodies, that's what has put me off all their Star Wars figures - Han Solo is probably the exception. As for their other stand alone products like Captain Harlock, Kamen Riders and Ultraman, they are fine by themselves. Of course, price is another factor - HIGH (BIG) price for SMALL product just don't make sense, especially when Sideshow is up to par at half the price.

Covenant said...

I have quite a few Medicom figures in my collection. Their Evangelion figures are amazing works of art! I think when Medicom does their anime figures they look great but when they attempt to represent real humans that's where they fall short. I understand that they tried to give the Star Wars characters an anime feel but when you compare the results with figures being made by Sideshow and Hot Toys you have to agree that Medicom's are falling short on many levels, not only the diminutive body.

I wish Medicom woould make some kick-a$$ Cowboy Bebop figures to go along with lonely Spike Spiegel.