Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hot Toys Batman DX teaser picture

Just released by Hot Toys - Batman DX teaser picture

The back pack looking thing is what is holding his cape. It springs out of it when he dives off of the building in Hong Kong. Also could be the skyhook rig as well but it was never shown before it was launched.

On his belt is the break apart sticky bomb gun which he used in Hong Kong. Both pieces on the belt make up the Bomb gun. It is a Pump-action gun that Batman uses to fire timed "sticky bombs"; another gadget he packs away in his utility belt. The one on the left has the dial to set the bomb time.

Speculation on forums: he has his back to us because he doesn't want to reveal his best feature. Light up Bat-Sonar Lenses!

We'll have to wait and see what Hot Toys choose to reveal in the coming weeks

UPDATED July 10, 2009: Did I say weeks? In just one day after teasing us, Hot Toys has released full high res pictures of the new DX Batman (link HERE)

January 31, 2010: Hot Toys DX02 Batman has finally arrived!! Pictures HERE


desmond said...

Wow! look like very nice. But I skip MMSDX TDK series..

alex teo said...

wah desmond, you have good self control :) i cannot leh - Batman only DIE DIE MUST GET

desmond said...

Because I am aiming Wolverine...Haha!!

alex teo said...

ha! ha! desmond, U have very good aim - Wolverine also on target!!