Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hot Toys FIRST Predator Part I

This is the one that started it all. The movie came out in 1987 and led to a sequel and novel, comic book and video game spin-offs. Jean-Claude Van Damme was originally cast as the film's creature, the idea being that the physical action star would use his martial arts skills to make the creature an agile, ninja-esque hunter. When compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers and Jesse Ventura, actors known for their bodybuilding regimes, it became apparent a more physically-imposing man was needed to make the creature appear threatening. Eventually, Van Damme was removed from the film and replaced by the 7' 2½" (2.20 m) tall actor and mime artist Kevin Peter Hall.

This may be the last Predator alien Hot Toys releases (they have already released a lot of the later versions) but this is the BEST by far! Rightly so, since this is Numero Uno, Predator Number ONE.

Hot Toys MMS90 Movie Masterpiece Series 1/6 scale 14-inch Predator from the first Predator movie comes in a very nice new slip case packaging that mimicks the Predator alien's ability and camouflage effect of blending into the background. It was basically an image repeated in a pattern of ripples in the shape of the Predator's body.

Box cover also landscaped format, like the other two (Major Dutch and Private Billy) from the same series

Predator in the tray with all the other accessories

Accessories include: removable mask with light-up laser (battery operated, batteries included), interchangeable mandibles, highly detailed medical kit, three extra interchangeable hands

Let's take a look first at the Predator alien Medical Kit or Medicomp. It comes as a separate accessory and in closed mode

The top of the med kit opens to reveal the tools inside (non-removable)

There's another tray at the bottom which can be pulled out and rotated. What's cool is that the top layer is transparent, thus giving the appearance of the tools floating.

Hot Toys Predator Medical Kit or medicomp with tools laid out

On the back of the Predator alien's armor is a slot for putting the medical kit

Voila! Med Kit stored neatly in place

Presenting Hot Toys 1/6 scale 14-inch Predator. The Predator design is credited to special effects artist Stan Winston. Stan Winston's studio created all of the physical effects for Predator and Predator 2, creating the body suit for actor Kevin Peter Hall and the mechanical facial effects.

Close-up of Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece 1/6 scale 14-inch Predator with mandibles open to reveal bad oral hygiene - that's why we are supposed to see a dentist regularly. Predators are physically distinguished from humans by their greater height, arthropod-like mandibles and long, hair-like appendages on their heads. They are also fugly!!!

Hot Toys "Jungle" Predator also comes with necklace of bone trophies

Including skulls of different creatures or aliens. They all seem pretty small to be a challenge to the Predator alien

"I am 'Predator', hear me ROAR!!!"

And here's Hot Toys Predator with mandibles closed

Hot Toys MMS90 Movie Masterpiece Series 1/6 scale 14-inch Predator from the first Predator movie also comes with a jungle themed display base that has a puddle of "water" in the center plus a bloody skull with backbone vertebrae

Hot Toys Predator with mask or Bio Helmet or hunting helmet on. A Predator's hunting helmet increases its ability to see in a variety of spectrums, ranging from the low infrared to the high ultraviolet, and also filters the ambient heat from the area, allowing them to see things with greater clarity and detail.

"Billy, is that you?"

For review of Hot Toys Collector's Edition MMS73 (Movie Masterpiece Series) 1/6 12-inch Action Figure Private Billy Sole, follow this link. Click here to see pictures of Hot Toys MMS72 (Movie Masterpiece Series) 1/6 scale 12-inch collector's edition Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer with Arnold Schwarzenegger's likeness.

I have also reviewed Hot Toys 2006 released Scar Predator from the 2004 movie "Alien vs Predator (AVP)" here

Next: Hot Toys Predator Bio Helmet with light-up feature - really COOL!


desmond said...

I like your detailed review and nice pictures taken for this masterpiece. Like the lighting setup of yours on this figure. Sharp and clear!! Nice!! Going to open mine to check the red light of the mask whether it works or not..Haha!!

alex teo said...

Thanks for the compliments, desmond :) Hot Toys quality control should be quite good so I wouldn't worry too much about the lights not working. Remember to remove the batteries if you are not going to activate the lights for a long period. CHEERS!

desmond said...

Thanks for your advice. I will remove the batteries after pictures taken :)

Anonymous said...

Btw are the batteries included inside the figure or in the package thanks.

alex teo said...

the batteries are included in the package and not in the figure.

see the link for my post on this :)

Anonymous said...

I loved that caption: "Billy, is that you?"