Thursday, July 16, 2009

Soldier Story US 2nd Ranger Infantryman

The war is on. What war? The war between Soldier Story and DiD. After DiD announced their upcoming release of a WWII US Army 2nd Ranger Sniper (pictures HERE), Soldier Story is also coming out with a US 2nd Ranger Battalion rifleman. The first battle was fought when DiD announced the release of their 101st Airborne Combat Medic and Soldier Story followed up closely with their 82nd Airborne Medic set (see post HERE titled aptly "What's up, doc?")

Soldier Story 1/6 scale 12-inch US Army 2nd Ranger Infantryman set will come dressed in M1 Helmet, Wool 1934 shirt, M1941 Jacket, Wool 1937 Trousers, Pistol belt, Leggings M1938, Service shoes and carry the following items: Gas brassard, Ranger Assault Vest, M1911 pistol holster, M1911 clip pouch, First aid packet M1942, M1910 cover for the canteen and cup, Foldable E-Tool (Entrenching tool, essentially a shovel) with pouch, M26 life preserver, M1 carrying ammunition bag, Bandoleer cotton, M7 gas mask, Wire cutter pouch, Gloves ranger, Mess kit with eating utensils (fork, spoon & knife), M1 Garand Rifle (Wood and Metal), M1 1905 bayonet, M1911 pistol, M1911 magazine, MK2 Grenade, M3 fighting knife, M18 smoke Grenades, M9A1Grenades, M1 Metal Brass 7.62mm Rounds, M1 Ammo Clips 4 pcs Plastic, General Purpose Ammunition Bag (generally reserved for Thompson pouches, but used for rifle grenades in this set).

Not too sure who he's supposed to resemble. Some say "Tom Hanks"? DiD's Private Daniel Jackson is spot on with Barry Pepper's likeness!

General Purpose Ammunition Bag (generally reserved for Thompson pouches, but used for rifle grenades in this set).

Soldier Story's M1 Garand rifle will be made of metal and wood, capable of being broken down, just like the real deal. It will also come with individual metal bullets, which fit into a stripper clip. Don't have to wait for Ti-Lite's M1 Garand version any longer. This is just as good!

UPDATE January 5, 2010: Check out the ULTIMATE Tom Hanks as "Captain Miller" 1:6 figure by DiD HERE


Little Plastic Man said...

To me, I would rather choose DID as their figures resemble characters from Saving Private Ryan and BOB. That is an added bonus!

Anonymous said...

I think the headsculpt ruins this figure(???)
The rifle very nice, reminds me of the expensive Ti-Lite brand Garand rifle, are they the same in quality???
Which is better quality/accuracy in WWII Uniform, DID or SS???
Well DID should step up to doing modern military figures if "War" is indeed declared by this two 1/6 toy companies :) and good for us more choices for kitbash projects!

alex teo said...

hey adrian, great minds think alike - ha! ha! so far for me, DiD has won 2 out of 2. I like Soldier Story products (bought a few of their modern soldiers already) but both their WWII HS don't cut it for me.

hi anonymous, i agree with you about the HS. as for accuracy, i'm not much of an expert. someone did mention that the leggings is wrong for this figure and the rifle DiD gave their Ranger Sniper was used by the USMC in the PTO and not the Rangers in the ETO. "War" between rival 1/6 toy companies is certainly good for us :>

Covenant said...

Aside from the storming the beach scene I am not that huge a fan of the movie Saving Private Ryan. I am surprised that so many toy companies have made figures based on the characters from this movie. We now have a bunch of U.S. army rangers to choose from in very similar uniforms. I think it's time to move on. Besides even though the head is definitely supposed to resemble Tom Hanks, it looks too small for the body.

The Rebel said...


This is one heckuva figure ALex! Tho I'm definitely gonna get Pvt Jackson, I'd certainly give this one a thought....

I agree with most of the collectors when they say that DiD came out tops when it comes to resemblances!