Friday, July 3, 2009

Dr Figures CIA Operator Preview

Looks like Dr Figures is pumping out a new figure... a 1/6 scale 12-inch Fully Posable Action Figure CIA Operator. Guess who the head sculpt resembles? Looks a lot like Will Smith to me

His accessories will include Sunglasses, Combat Light with holder, H1L Light, Radio and Headset, Mobile Phone, Carabiners

His gear comprises Recon Vest, Rifle Magazine Pouches, Grenade Pouches, Utility Pouches, Radio Pouch. Vest is MAV in OD. It is similar to the one that came out with BBI Brennan (but that one was Multicam).

Also comes with Black Backpack and patches

His weapons of choice: Colt M1911 Pistol with suppressor and Beretta Rx4 Storm Rifle plus baseball and 40mm grenades. The RX4 (perfect for a Ghost Recon bash) is in the same "family" as the Beretta Px4 Storm pistol and Cx4 Storm carbine. It doesn't seem to be used in any military operation but is a big hit to police and homeland security.

He will be dressed in knit Watch cap, Shemagh, black Polo T-Shirt, Oakley gloved hands, black tactical Pants, Pistol Holster, Grenade Belt and assault boots.

Dr Figures CIA operator will also have a baseball cap

Backup weapon and sidearm is the all too familiar M1911 pistol

Holstered when not in use

All accessories are ABS Plastic, not resin. Don't ask me why? Dr Figures quality has not been the best so let's hope they can improve on it. Otherwise, the head sculpt looks good and the 1/6 scale Rx4 certainly is a PLUS. What he needs for a ride should be a Mazda RX4 to match his weapon - LOL!!

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Joshua said...

unmistakably Will Smith...great for iamlegend kitbash

Jay dv said...

I recognize the Will Smith likeness in the headsculpt but it isn't 100% accurate.

I'm actually worried about the quality of this new dr. Figures release. I have their Spy Seven (Bond) set and the head sculpt was nowhere as good as it looked in the official pictures. The quality of the accessories were quite bad too. However the clothes were nice.

alex teo said...

yup joshua, one of the better looking sculpts of Will Smith in the market. Just hope they don't botch it up in the final product.

hi jay dv, i think it cannot be 100% because it's an unlicensed figure unlike Hot Toys and Enterbay's famous head sculpts which are still the BEST out there but at least this way, we get variety and don't have to wait for just one or two companies to monopolise the market.

I didn't get Dr Figures Spy Seven in the end because the word on the market was they knocked off the sculpt from Loading Toys, which meant their version was a second generation clone and Loading Toys was the original which is why Loading Toys version kicks a$$!! Check out my post here

thanks for looking :)

desmond said...

Alex, it's definitely Will Smith likeness..The machine gun doesn't look nice..