Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 No. 1 - BATPOD

The most exciting collectible for me this year isn't even a figure, it is the most talked about 1:6 scale vehicle to hit the mean streets of Gotham City. From "The Dark Knight", I give you the BATPOD - one of the best Christmas present a man could have, thanks to my most wonderful and totally supportive WIFE :)

The outer box that holds the Batpod, much like the outer sleeve of Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece figures, is plain black. When I first saw the box, I was a little disappointed as Hot Toys had always produced nice packaging. Box measures 60cm in length, 25.5cm in height and depth. Phew! Wasn't as big as I imagined - wait till the Batmobile comes out - that'll be a whopper!

The main box is the main attraction! This was what I'd been expecting - nice graphics and pictures. It kind of makes you drool with anticipation.

Batpod box rear shows pictures of the actual product

The very sturdy packing that holds the Batpod - no way this thing is going to get damaged during shipping.

The additional cape that comes with the batpod for action poses when displayed with Hot Toys "The Dark Knight" Batman. This is because it has stiff wires running along the edge for you to manipulate to achieve your own desired flying cape effect.

It includes this contraption (cape holder) that goes onto Batman's back where the end hooks (four plastic clips) on the long flexible rod catch onto the cape for that soaring look. Comes with instructions.

The Batpod assembled and ready to roll. The assembling required is in fixing the handlebars together with the rider shields to the steering arms of the batpod as these are packed separately during shipping to prevent breakage. These handlebars with rider shields are quite challenging to fix as they don't seem to want to stay in place at all. It is sad to see the Tumbler destroyed (it is one of the best batmobiles to have been thought up and built, with obvious inspiration from Frank Miller's Dark Knight comic). Hence the Batpod, being like an escape pod from the battle-damaged Tumbler and NOT a batbike like the one Batgirl rode in the campy TV series - thank goodness!

The details are simply STUNNING! I doubt you can achieve this with smaller scale figures which is why 1/6 scale is the most ideal for getting the super details possible, be it with accessories, vehicles or weapons. The front guns of the Batpod are very well executed, with vented barrels for releasing the muzzle exhaust during firing. To ensure safe displaying, both the front and rear wheels have red locking pins which ensure both tires stay in a fixed position and don't roll off without warning.

The handle bars can move slightly at the pivot point to allow Batman to be posed on top of the Batpod. The Batpod has a basic metal frame with plastic components added, all in black and metallic grey to achieve the desired look.

Batman's seat on the pod

The rear wheel of the Batpod from another perspective. Wheels are made of rubber with very detailed tyre tread.

The knee rests for supporting Batman's knees when he rides the Batpod

Another look at the handlebars with the forearm guards

Side profile of the guns and front wheel of the Batpod

The engine compartment of the Batpod

The knee and foot rest/pedals

The rear wheel again

Top view of the Batpod's engine compartment

The cover and Batpod seat is removable to show the engine block details

The engine block is removed to reveal the battery compartment - two 3AAA batteries required

Batpod with lights switched on, ready to take down the criminals of Gotham City!

Another great thing about the Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Batpod is that being a licensed product and given Hot Toys amazing attention to detail, this is as close as you can get to the actual thing! Other than looking at blueprints or visiting the set, you cannot appreciate the amount of detail and intricate work that went into making this 1/6 scale Batpod. With this beauty in your hands, you can just sit back and examine every beautiful detail and go through it with a fine tooth comb. Remember to wear a bib first to soak up all that drool - LOL!


Joshua said...

NAY BRO! NOT A BIB, A HUGE TOWEL would be need to soak up MY drool!

alex teo said...

hiya joshua - ha! ha! dat's why BATPOD is my number 1 collectible for 2008. thanks for visiting ;>

Anonymous said...

Simply amazing.

And great blog, btw. Really good reviews and pictures.

alex teo said...

Thanks Chuck, for the compliments and for visiting my blog. I paid a visit to your site but I'm afraid I'm only conversant in English while you seem to be able to communicate very well in more than one language :)

LEon said...

Wow it comes with led lights too. Cool! Thanks for the detail review.

alex teo said...

No problems, LEon, glad you enjoyed the review. Hope you visit more ;P Happy New Year!! Like you said, 2009 has many long weekends to look forward to :)

Joe said...

Bro, do the rider shields actually fit tightly into the holes? I'm having alot of problem fitting the handle

alex teo said...

No Joe, the rider shields doesn't really stay in position. Any slight movement or touch would just knock the shields off - the MOST FRUSTRATING and ANNOYING thing about the Hot Toys Batpod. Other than that, everything's GREAT!

Anonymous said...

hey umm yeah I hope you read this but just to let you know that the engine of the batpod is in the WHEEL not the center... and that's pretty much it

alex teo said...

hey there THANKS for pointing that out to me. WOW! Engine in the wheel, that's really quite COOL.