Sunday, February 7, 2010

DX Batman vs TDK Batman

[Batman (Christian Bale) has just fought off Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy) and a group of Batman wannabes]
Batman: Don't let me find you out here again.
Brian: We're trying to help you!
Batman: I don't need help.
Dr Jonathan Crane: Not in my diagnosis!
Brian: What gives you the right? What's the difference between you and me?
[Batman lowers himself into the Batmobile]
Batman: I'm not wearing hockey pads!
In comparing Hot Toys version 1.0 Batman from "The Dark Knight (2008)" movie with their latest 1:6 offering i.e. DX Batman (which I'd covered in the previous FIVE posts because one post is just not enough to show off all the pictures of this EXCEPTIONAL 1:6 scale ULTIMATE Batman collectible figure), the first version Batman figure seems to be wearing hockey pads. Don't believe me, let the pictures speak for themselves.

By the way, do click on the pictures to get a larger and better view of the differences between the two. Hot Toys MMS (Movie Masterpiece Series) "The Dark Knight" Batman is on the left and DX Batman is on the right.

The first version is just too BULKY due to the steroids he'd taken. Actually it was all because of the original version Hot Toys TrueType body with the HUGE shoulders and chest under the Batsuit causing it to bulge so much. This has been corrected by using the latest TrueType figure with Narrow Shoulders.

Also there has been vast improvements in the construction of the Batsuit armor itself, with nice definitions, greater details as well as better paintwork than the old version.

And here's how they face off: obese Batman vs lean mean fighting machine Batman. That's why this latest version of the Dark Knight in his newest Batsuit is the BEST!

Comparison shots of the cowl or mask, depending on how you call it

In the chest region, it's like Serena Williams vs Maria Sharapova, just to draw an analogy

Mid-section. The older version had a tendency to have a beer belly when posing and you have to straighten and adjust the batsuit to ensure no beer gut.

Finally, even the legs of the DX Batman are more detailed

And here's a picture of some of the various Batman costumes that have appeared in the Batman films

While the DX Batman is the BEST 1:6 scale Batman so far, my only gripe is that Hot Toys should have gotten it right the first time and save us all some money, instead of making us splash on two Batman The Dark Knight figures, not to mention the Batman Begins figure as well. For those latecomers who just happen to catch this latest version, then I say, "GREAT choice and good decision :) You definitely won't regret it!"

Just a re-cap
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To see the earlier version, click on this link.

Check out the awesome 1:6 Batpod HERE


ethan said...

Then i guess i'm the lucky one :) Thanks for the review, spending so much on the DX...and finally gotten the 'justification' that it's the best batman out there. Now can sleep better at night :)

alex teo said...

hey ethan, rest well becoz this is the only 1:6 scale poseable Batman collectible figure you'll ever need ;> I'd to find out the hard way because we couldn't look into the future back in 2008 to know that in 2010 there would be a better Batman.

Unknown said...

I hear the version 1 TDK Batman has better articulation. That true? Aside from that, the only thing I see on the V1 Batman that looks a tad better is the neck. The neck on DX looks a bit long.

Korndamned said...

I only had 2 issue with Batman v.1 and Batman DX. One is the beer belly. The other, which bugs me more than the beer belly is the length of the cape. Batman v.1 cape doesn't even touch the ground. Even Batman Returns' cape is better. hehe.

desmond said...

Thanks for the detailed comparison, bro!!

alex teo said...

hey jason, i didn't do much posing with the newer Batman figure thus i'm not able to comment on the articulation. strangely, the version 1 TDK Batman looks GREAT on the Batpod. Pictures here:

sorry korndamned, i think that's partly my fault as i've posed Batman wearing the cape meant for the Batpod and that's why it's shorter. i did it partly to emphasize how stout and hulky Batman looks compared to the DX version >_<

u r most welcome desmond :>

Allan said...

Just a correction to the paragraph below:

By the way, do click on the pictures to get a larger and better view of the differences between the two. Hot Toys MMS (Movie Masterpiece Series) "The Dark Knight" Batman is on the right and DX Batman is on the left.

I believe you meant "The Dark Knight" Batman on the left and DX Batman on the right?

Korndamned said...

Hello. Noted for the photo. Still, the cape is much shorter than usual. Luckily HT sorted it out for the DX version. If compared to Batman Begins, somehow I still prefer Batman Begins, less flashier. hehe

alex teo said...

thanks allan :) i've corrected it

you haven't seen the ENORMOUS cape on Medicom Batman Begins figure, korndamned. that one is HUGE

kenmoo said...

wah lau, 4D never open..if not i will get this DX as well...sad :(

alex teo said...

Cannot think like that lah! Think positive Ha! Ha! Get first and ENJOY ;> Money sure will come HUAT AH!!!

mattman said...

hello desmond, i also gt the dx n i wana say it really is the best damn batman ever, even with the problems, the figure is really awesome man.

and i like ur blog been reading it for awhile so keep reviewing new stuff!

my collection is small as money is tight bt im hoping for the spiderman to be really nice like in the comics, bt i have a feeling they will wait for the movie then release the figure. hope nt cos if they choose the wrong actor..

alex teo said...

hey mattman, thanks for the kind words of encouragement. you only got my name wrong - it's ALEX, not desmond (he's a fellow blogger ;>)

yeah, can't wait to see hot toys take on spidey

mattman said...

hey alex whoops sorry bout the wrong name, i usually visit both blogs at the same time haha.

alex teo said...

no worries mattman, that's my daily ritual too, checking out my blog list and all the updates CHEERS

xscape78 said...

Hey Alex, Great Review on DX-02!!
You have inspired yet another collector..this is soo contagious!
I guess e only problem is the leaking oil..itz pretty damaging at the abdonmen area..i even got it on the left arm..sighs!
Otherwise itz a perfect Batman.
Keep up the excellent work! Looking forward to your future reviews.

alex teo said...

Hi xscape78 WELCOME to the 1/6 world, and a very contagious one at that (just like you said :>). I just wipe the oil off mine every few days and it looks good as new - no damage to the suit or figure. I also read about the oil leaks on the arm but I think that's less obvious as it's under the shoulder armor right?

thanks for the encouraging words - i will keep on reviewing and posting photos as i enjoy doing it and it's just a passion for me as well as cataloging my figures. CHEERS! keep on coming back Ha! Ha!

Andrew Haxley said...

Hey Alex i really like your review of the DX-02 Batman 1/6 scale collectible figure! It looks really nice and by the way i really enjoy your review.

Although i don't have enough money to afford this figure. Ha ha! But it just looks really nice. Of course i think the best part about this is the accessories that it comes with. I really like those and it's such a great figure.

I think Ebay carries it for about $156.99 dollars? I'm really not sure, But i think Amazon also carries it as well. This is a pretty cool figure and from the looks of it. I'm really liking it, Thank you so much for this amazing review, It's awesome, You do a great job at reviewing figures like this, And you are a great reviewer, Thanks so much friend and keep up the good work!

alex teo said...

Thanks Andrew for the nice compliments. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it as much as I did reviewing these Hot Toys Dark Knight Batman figures. CHEERS