Friday, March 12, 2010

1/6 Mexican Luchador

Hola! I received a gift from Michael Perez of PointBlankToys just a few days ago. PointBlankToys sell lots of 1/6 stuff on ebay but mostly part outs and some boxed figures too. If you are in the states i.e. the US of A, you might even get free shipping. I came to know Michael through one of the 1/6 forums and he was very generous to offer me a 1/6 Mexican Luchador outfit when he found out that I didn't have one in my collection.

Mexican Lucha Libre (Spanish for "free wrestling" or "free fighting", a term used in Mexico, and other Spanish-speaking countries referring to a form of professional wrestling involving varied techniques and moves). Lucha libre performers are known as luchadores i.e. "fighter(s)" (singular luchador).

So here's my new 1/6 scale Mexican Luchador (Luchador outfit on G.I. Joe body) :> all thanks to Michael of PointBlankToys. So if you need any 1/6 part, be it body, outfit, accessories or weapons, remember to check out PointBlankToys

I shall name my 1/6 Mexican Luchador "Iwana Gorrobo " (Green Iguana) for obvious reasons. UPDATE March 14, 2010: I found out that this outfit belonged to Mexican Lucha Libre Legend "Fishman" and so we must give him the proper respect and rightfully name this 1/6 wrestling figure FISHMAN :)

Close-up details of his mask

The green and yellow outfit reminded me of another character with the same colors used in his costume: Marvel Comics The Vision. Pictured below is the Toy Biz "Famous Covers" 9-inch tall The Vision (more pictures HERE). You can check out the rest of the "Famous Covers" figures in a full line-up in my post HERE.

Hasta mañana i.e. See you tomorrow :)


cosmicbaby said...

hahaha! Very cute!
Have fun with it while the suit last!

alex teo said...

ha! ha! thanks marcus CHEERS

desmond said...

Mexican Wrestler!!

D.I. Felipe González said...

Nice outfit. However "Gorrobo" doesn't mean green in spanish (or at least it isn't mexican acception for green).
I like your naming, however.

Anonymous said...

Hi that outfit is from fishman

Anonymous said...

Yes the actual name f the wrestler is Fishman and he is a Mexican Lucha Libre Legend

alex teo said...

Hi Felipe :) I found on the internet that "In Spanish speaking countries, males of the 'iguana' species are referred to as gorrobo or ministro" and that was why I chose "Iwana Gorrobo" but I've since found out that the outfit belonged to the Mexican Lucha Libre Legend "Fishman".

thanks anon for the correct name. I've since updated the post CHEERS