Monday, March 1, 2010


Mr Freeze - Unlike his predecessor who was a brilliant scientist, the new Mr Freeze in "The Batman" animated series (2004-08) was a thug who ended up in a cryogenic chamber because of Batman. The accident turns him into a being who generates extreme cold and is forced to wear a special suit to prevent him from freezing everything he comes in contact with. He has had a life-long vedetta against the Dark Knight since then. As for the figure, there are two versions: "Faceless Freeze" and "Regular Freeze" which sports a nose.

Next: Anti-Freeze!!

What has been covered thus far:
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LEon said...

I have to say this is the coolest up-to-date mr Freeze or is it Dr. Freeze design i seen so far. I really like it!

alex teo said...

good to know we agree :> great minds think alike Ha! Ha!