Friday, March 26, 2010

Die-cast Kaneda's Bike from AKIRA

Akira (アキラ) is a 1988 anime film written and directed by Katsuhiro Otomo based on his hit manga. The film is set in a futuristic and post-war city, Neo-Tokyo, in 2019. One of the coolest image thatcame out of the movie was Kaneda Shotaro and his custom-modified motorcycle.

Before the 1/6 scale version of Kaneda's Bike, there was this Bandai Soul of Popynica PX-03 Die-cast Kaneda's Bike, released in 2004. Kaneda’s bike in AKIRA is just awesome and while there had been a few attempts at making a nice toy of the bike, none came anywhere as close as the PX-03 Soul of Popynica Kaneda’s Bike (before the release of the 1/6 scale version, that is).

The bike comes with a Kaneda figure that is stuck in a seated pose. But then,the beauty is in the Bike itself.

The Bike has rubber tires, clear windscreen, and die-cast metal internal skeleton, not to mention the anime-accurate decals. Most of the parts on the Bandai Soul of Popynica PX-03 Kaneda’s bike can be removed to expose the beautifully crafted die-cast skeleton underneath. The front fork turns, raises and lowers, and has spring loaded suspension.

These landscape-oriented pictures are much bigger than they appear ;> click on them to get a larger and better view

Kaneda's bike as seen from the back

The back of Kaneda Shotaro's jacket reads "Good For Health, Bad for Education"

Close-ups of the rear wheel and lights

The bike's LED display and Auto-Navigation System

For those who are into the technical details, these are the official bike specifications:
Overall Length: 2.947mm; Overall Height: 1,171mm (incl.shield); Overall Width: 831mm; Seat Height: 340mm; Wheelbase: 2,194mm; Ground Clearance: 76mm; Dry Weight: 154kg; Number of Riders: 1; Braking Distance: 9.9m (Initial Speed : 50 km/h); Minimum Turning Distance: 3.4m; Tire Size: 18 inches (front), 19 inches (rear); Power Generator: Cold Superconducting Generator; Maximum Power: 83 kw/12,500 rpm; Maximum Voltage: 12,000 V; Steering System: Power Support System; Front Axle Caster Angle: 39°12', Rear Axie Caster Angle : 3°00'; Frame: Ceramic Box Frame, Cowl: FRP and Carbon; Energy Consumption at Rest: 2.3w; Maximum Speed: 243 km/h; Drag Coefficient: CD=0.24

Equipped with: Computer Controlled Anti-Lock Brakes; Auto-Navigation System; Forward-Looking Radar; CD Player; Glove Compartment; Headlamp: 100w Neo Halogen Laser Light (can switch to fog lamp)

Statistics: Speed: 0 to 400m : 9.8 sec, 0 to 100 km/h : 8.7 sec; Battery Charger Time: 1MW every 40 sec (can run for two hours at full throttle on fully charged battery)

I had posted an earlier entry HERE with pictures of Kaneda's bike stripped down to reveal the die-cast metal skeleton underneath and then re-assembled PLUS pictures showing the raised and lowered front fork.

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