Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Predacon Leader Megatron

Since I was on the topic of dinosaurs (see last post), let's look at some other dinosaur toys :)

In the "Beast Wars: Transformers" full-CG animated television series, Megatron is the mastermind commander of the Predacons.

For the "Beast Wars" toy line, Megatron was in the Ultra-class range and this Megatron transformed into a purple organic Tyrannosaurus Rex (no relation to the other purple dinosaur named Barney) with two missiles and a water squirter as accessories.

Note: The landscape pictures get bigger when you click on them

Megatron has limited articulation in beast mode, but his dinosaur head can shoot water. You take out the tongue by removing the neck portion and fill it up with water.

By pressing the top of Megatron's head, the tongue squirts out water

In robot mode, Megatron has no hands, as his right arm ends with his dinosaur head and his tail, folded into a pincer, forms his left arm. The outer shells of his dinosaur thighs conceal spring-loaded missile launchers that fire anchor-shaped projectiles.

His robot head feature two bat-like wing adornments that fold to become a mutant head.

Megatron unmasked

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Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

used to love beast war when i was lil kid, still do sometime. hahahaha

nice t-rex, dude

alex teo said...

yeah i watched it with my kid way back then :) he just turned 16

thanks for looking