Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Oh $H!T"

That's my first reaction when I saw this picture posted over at the Cave of Cool.

In most parts of the world, we only run for cover when it rains; these people have it worse than you and me. We just have to wipe away the rain from our bodies, they might just be wiped out!


LEon said...

at least these guys see it coming. Given to us, we don't know what hit us when it too late.

Covenant said...

It's interesting that you seem to be in love with the military and with their weapons yet you empathize with these people who are obviously the victims of military aggression. You do know what all those gun, planes and bullets are for don't you? They're for killing people.

alex teo said...

The military and weapons are one of the means necessary to end wars started by any EVIL regime that thinks that it can terrorise and bully innocent people into submission OR worse, allow them to commit genocide and crimes against humanity. All those guns, planes and bullets are not for killing people; in the right hands, they are used for FREEing people from oppression, and the military with its guns and bullets can also act as a deterrent to any force or country that thinks it can just walk up and invade any country they see fit. With advancements in military technology and know-how, wars can be ended more quickly and cause less disruption to the world economy, more people can live in peace and prosperity, and there will not be any more World Wars. If guns and bullets are necessary for peace to exist in the world, then I say "Bring it on!"