Friday, March 5, 2010

ACE Girls Mission - Judge Hershey 1:6 Figure Review

Judge Barbara Hershey is a fictional character in the "Judge Dredd" series that appears in the British comic "2000 AD". The Judges are law enforcement officers in the future with the authority to mete out instant justice (criminals were tried and sentenced on the spot), thus avoiding long legal wrangles. They were police, jury and executioner all rolled into one.

A different version of Judge Hershey appeared in the 1995 "Judge Dredd" film. She was played by Diane Lane. The Judge outfits for the movie had to be redesigned as it was not possible to physically represent nor render the 2D character's costume into 3D realization.

From ACE comes this limited edition 1:6 Judge Hershey figure. She comes with 1/6 female head sculpt, 1/6 female body, uniform, helmet, shoulder and chest armor (One piece), belt with pouches and crotch armor, pistol with holster, arm armor (Gauntlets), kneepads and Boots.

Quite nice details on the 1/6 scale Judge's equipment and accessories

Not so for the head sculpt. What is it with these 1/6 companies that they keep churning out these 1/6 Asian faces. Judge Hershey was anything but Asian and this head sculpt looks nothing like Diane Lane - SIGH! The gloves are nicely done though ʘ‿ʘ

ACE Girls Mission - Judge Hershey 1:6 Figure fully kitted out. The problem is that most of the parts are cast from resin which means that they can break rather easily, especially the chest and shoulder armor which was a rather tight fit to put over the body suit. The body suit is well tailored and slips on nicely with a stretchable material over her chest area, enhancing her well endowed female form ;p

ACE Girls Mission - 1/6 scale Judge Hershey Figure is pretty nice overall with good details where they are supposed to be

Now we go close-up to get a better view of ACE 1/6 scale Judge Hershey outfit. The helmet will definitely stay on from now since the head sculpt doesn't look anything like Diane Lane, the actress who played Hershey in the movie version.

Here we can see how the material stretches where her ample bosom is. Her chest is actually too big as the chest armor cannot sit properly over them. This is more obvious when seen from the side. Scroll down for more pictures.

The lower body of Judge Hershey, showcasing the crotch armor with the very well sculpted "belt buckle" with Judge symbol, the unique holster for holding her Lawgiver and the slip-on gauntlets for her arms.

ACE Girls Mission 1/6 scale Judge Hershey Female Figure with her Lawgiver

Note the detailed straps for the see-through holster and the clunky boots that were worn by the Judges in the film version

Overall, tis a very nice female figure from ACE and a Judge at that :>

Compare this figure with the Medicom released Judge Dredd figure from 1995.


desmond said...

Bro, I remember you have the Medicom Judge Dredd for Stallone. It's nice when displaying them side by side :)

Covenant said...

Looks great for a Custom-Made figure but if this is production it looks too hand made and rough for me. The helmet visor is all lumpy and barely translucent and the armor looks like it's made of painted sculpey.