Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wild Work 1/6 US Navy SEAL (VBSS) Preview

Another Wild Work production. Let us hope that their 1:6 product won't be as bad as their English or as they call it "Ingerish". Laterest (?) Equipment? What's up with that!

This Wild Work 1:6 scale US Navy SEAL uniform set (NOTE: NO action figure is included. You gotta recruit your own SEAL guy) is supposed to be meant for VBSS, that's Visit Board Search and Seizure. He's wearing Tan Protective Combat Uniform (PCU) Jacket with Patches and Pants, Body Armor, MICH Helmet, Knee Pads and M14 SDM (Squad Designated Marksman) rifle as well as his trusty pistol sidearm. Many variations of this particular getup have been released and this is just one of the latest to be announced. The HUGE thingie on his back appears to be the GS05M Eberlestock Gunslinger Pack™ used by US Special Forces troops (seen as far back as 2008 on Hot Toys US Army 10th Mountain Division Sniper - see my post HERE)

Available Late March 2010. If you would like to pre-order this, just click on the link HERE

Click on the "USN SEALs" label on the right panel to see more SEALs

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