Thursday, March 17, 2011

FoxBox Studio "God Complex: Hermes" 1/6 Figure PREVIEW

A new company called FoxBox Studio is coming up with a new concept 12-inch figure: the "God Complex: Hermes" 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure (Limited to 100 pieces worldwide).

In Greek mythology, HERMES is the god of travel, messengers, trade, thievery, cunning wiles, language, writing, diplomacy, athletics, and animal husbandry. He is the messenger of the gods, and the son of Zeus and Maia. His attributes include the herald's wand or caduceus, winged sandals, and a traveler's cap. The Golden Age Flash (Jay Garrick) costume is most likely inspired by Hermes.

FoxBox has also drawn some parallel and inspiration from the Greek Gods but with a most interesting twist and take on the subject matter. You can read more about the concept and story at their site -

Suffice to say, FoxBox Studio's Hermes figure is looking stunningly AWESOME! The combination of civvies (civilian garb as opposed to a military uniform) with the armor helmet head and unique boots / shoes with the flames coming out gives it all a very refreshing and amazing look and feel.

The helmet /  head is definitely the key factor of this design and it's a really NICE design and well executed. It gives this figure a sci-fi / fantasy angle and comes off rather well too.

As the credit puts it, "Prototype shown. Final product will be more awesome." Can't wait ;p

And here's a look at the concept drawings and how closely the prototype turned out. I'm really glad to see the production team kept closely to the designs drawn.

The FINAL helmet / head design chosen is also the BEST but that's just my humble opinion

And here's a sneak peek at the next figure in the works - Hades! Now where do I sign the check for these figures; I cannot wait to see them in 1/6 scale and in my hands! Makes me wonder how Ares, Zeus and Poseidon would look like.

With the FoxBox Studio 1/6 Scale "God Complex: Hermes" 12-inch Collectible Figure limited to 100 Pieces worldwide, I really hope we all can get our hands on it. The company says Pre-order information will be made available soon. So stay tuned!

I really want to wish the company every success because I just want them to continue designing, producing and releasing this line of figures. There are Twelve Olympians, not counting their other figure already mentioned - Inari. Inari Ōkami is the Japanese kami of fertility, rice, agriculture, foxes, industry and worldly success. Inari is often believed to be a fox and that's a look he has taken. All credit to the designer Bryan Lie!

Very EXCITING news indeed! This is certainly a nice change in the 1/6 scene from the humdrum offerings of military and movie-inspired figures that have been put out so far.

UPDATE October 12, 2011: Review and pictures of the Actual Hermes Figure in-hand! Check it out HERE!


desmond said...

Yes Alex, this is very creative..We need more of this kind of companies in the toy industry :)

BigHatDino said...

I saw this figure yesterday and have to say I'm seriously impressed.

It's a nice to have sci-fi looked at a bit more, and unique designs too, rather than licensed stuff :)

Jonloh said...

This indeed makes this a collectible item

ethan said...

Very nice indeed. The suit and the mask...makes it so....'unique'

laME boy said...

Love the outfit - the helmet's gorgeous, the messenger outfit lives through to Hermes' name, the boots are just amazing. Kinda sad that it's going to be such a rare exclusive though :/

saruman said...

I really really like it.. now where I can get them???