Sunday, March 20, 2011

Playmobil #4693 SWAT Police Officer Figure

Came across this Playmobil figure the other day and just couldn't resist not getting it. This is one of those Playmobil Specials that start at a very good price point. The boxed sets are a different thing altogether and can set you back an arm and a leg if you really were to go down that road. As for me, I'm just happy to get my hands on this.

The interesting thing is, this Playmobil #4693 SWAT Police Officer Figure is pretty much a stand-alone figure i.e. there are no box sets or other figure like it. All the other SWAT figures in the series are "dressed" differently from this particular figure.

Here's the basic Playmobil SWAT Police Officer Figure out of the box. I liked that he comes with five o'clock shadow (beard stubble). He's wearing body armor / bullet proof vest over his green uniform.

And here's the Playmobil SWAT Police Officer Figure (#4693) with all his gear laid out

There's the POLICE helmet with face shield, shotgun, pistol, gas mask, holster, rope, flashlight and grappling hook.

Playmobil SWAT Police Officer Figure with helmet and face shield as well as gas mask. Note the slot on the right side for the pistol holster

Pistol holster in place with pistol in hand

Front shot of the Playmobil SWAT Police Officer Figure with pistol in hand

Here he is with the shotgun attached with flashlight for operating in the dark

With his grappling hook and rope in hand, the SWAT Officer is prepared for any obstacle.

This Playmobil SWAT Police Officer Figure is now fully equipped and ready to take on the bad guys

And here's a comparison of the earlier released Playmobil Special Police Figure (FULL review HERE). You can see how Playmobil has improved the overall look. I like that there are these miniature figures to accompany the 1/6 scale versions that I have. Click on the pictures below for a bigger and better view :)

Now this is a shot of three of the Playmobil Police Officers I have. The one of the left is from the K9 unit (Playmobil Policeman with Tracking Dog).


Vincent Tétreault said...

I had always hated the Playmobil's stuff... I need to say they are getting better :)
Nice pictures by the way !

alex teo said...

thanks Vincent :) as for me, i'd always wanted a Fort Eagle / Fort Glory set as a kid, having grown up exposed to cowboys & indians on TV

Anonymous said...

Hi bro may I know where u bought this?

alex teo said...

Kidz Story shops have them (they are in Great World City, Tanglin Mall, Millenia Walk, IMM) CHEERS