Thursday, March 31, 2011

Is our Army made (maid) of these? Tsk Tsk

This photo of a Full Time National Serviceman (NSF) making his maid carry his backpack has been making its rounds online and stoked a heated response from many netizens. The NSF was photographed SMSing away, while his maid walked behind him carrying his field pack.

Most were critical of the soldier, calling him “lazy” and “spoilt”. Some even said he “tarnished the image of Singapore”. Another commented: “It’s hard to believe that a grown man who is supposed to be serving the nation is making his female domestic help carry his backpack. He’s a disgrace to the army and makes Singaporean men look bad.”

I have my own words to add but I'm afraid they cannot be published; after all, this is still a kid-friendly blog / website and I won't let my emotions get the better of me. Having done my part for the Nation's Defense in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) - served six years from 1983 till 1990 and then another 12 years (1991 to 2003) as an Operationally-Ready National Serviceman (NSman) (the equivalent of other militaries' reservists),  I can only say that this disgusting act is an utter disgrace to the uniform of the SAF!

A Ministry of Defence spokesman has also spoken out: “The SAF takes a serious view of the conduct of its servicemen in public.” She added that the SAF is looking into the matter and will take appropriate action. I hope that means they'll hang him out to dry / fry -  even better if they publish his profile shot so that everyone will know who the lazy spoilt child is!

And in today's papers: apparently someone tried to rescue the situation by claiming that the picture was fake and another picture was produced showing the said sorry excuse for an NSF carrying his own field pack.

But it turns out that the original picture is the real deal and the other one was doctored (photoshopped).

I am just thankful that this is more of an isolated incident than the norm and that our soldiers are made of sterner stuff than that!


laME boy said...

Next time, we will see maids needing to enlist with guys as well hurhur.

That guy will get into serious trouble when he gets caught, which I think he will.

That's the problem with wearing green eh, all I gotta do is wear a No. 3 airforce uniform and sit the whole day as a clerk lol.

Unknown said...

Well was he on a training run where he was supposed to be carrying his pack, or was he just walking to base from his house? because if so I don't see what the big deal is.

alex teo said...

It's a big deal here because as a soldier, you are supposed to carry your own backpack and not let the domestic helper carry it for you. If you cannot even handle a simple task such as carrying your own bag, how can you be expected to handle the larger tasks? When you wear the uniform of the Singapore Armed Forces, you better be proud of it and handle yourself well to project the right image of the country's military!