Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just in CASE - GoGoGo 1/6 Military Supply Case

Here's a case you can't do without if you're into 1/6 scale 12-inch figures, especially if you like military figures. GoGoGo will be releasing these 1/6 Military Supply Cases for all your military accessories. Yay! No more loose items thrown everywhere. Now they can be all well organized and stored away until they are needed or when the 1/6 army gets mobilized haha

They are 7cm high x 14.5cm length and 8.5cm wide and can be stacked

Lots of space for storing your 1/6 scale weapons, gear and accessories

Comes in a variety of colors (army green, special forces black OR desert khaki) to match what your soldier's wearing or his wardrobe :> GREAT for miniature picnics as well LOL

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Anonymous said...

Is Falcon's Hangar gonna get a shipment of these?

alex teo said...

TFH always comes through :) just wait and see