Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Playmobil Firefighters

We've seen the 1:6 scale 12-inch tall Firefighters in the previous post, so now let's turn our attention to these minuscule firefighters from Playmobil.

PLAYMOBIL (pronounced play-mo-beel) has been a favorite among adult collectors even though it was designed for children and has been around for more than three decades. The cornerstone of all PLAYMOBIL activities is the 2.95 inch (7.5 cm) tall figure (i.e. 1:22.5 scale) which can bend, sit, stand, turn its head, and move its arms. The hands, which can grasp, rotate and carry accessories, are what make "realistic" play possible.

This was a 2002 released Limited Edition PLAYMOBIL® #3354 Special Commemorative Pack FDNY Firefighter figure that was created to commemorate the FDNY (Fire Department, city of New York) Fire Fighters who sacrificed so much during the 9/11 attacks.

The Playmobil 3354 FDNY Firefighter came with his helmet with "FDNY" on it, Firefighting turnout gear with reflective tape detailing, removable yellow belt, gloves and fire extinguisher.

Next up: Playmobil #4621 U.S. Firefighter (part of the Specials) and most likely a Fire Chief, going by what he is equipped with i.e. a mustache, a loud hailer (also known as megaphone, speaking-trumpet, bullhorn OR blowhorn), gloves and walkie-talkie radio. He seems to be wearing a coat over his firefighting outfit.

And then there's Playmobil #3882 Firefighter which is also equipped differently. I like that they are not all the same. It shows the variety of equipment they can have on them and the play value that they can have. Playmobil #3882 Firefighter came with his Firefighting turnout gear with reflective tape detailing, white gloves, yellow Firefighter's helmet with adjustable full face shield, gas mask connected to oxygen tank via a rubber tube with the tank strapped to a harness backpack and an axe.

Playmobil #3882 Firefighter's helmet also has the additional neck protector at the back

Here's a look at the oxygen tank with regulator and carried on a harness on his back

Playmobil #3882 Firefighter also came with a hose reel with hose and two nozzles with connectors


cosmicbaby said...

very nice! There is a nice twin pack for $9.90 @ ATZ! & there are NEW western cowboys set around the corner!

alex teo said...

thanks marcus :) will find time to go check it out CHEERS

LEon said...

You even have Playmobil fire fighter? Can see you like Fire fighter.

alex teo said...

i like the miniature versions of the 1:6 scale figures; it's like you put the 12-inch figure into a shrinking machine and zap! mini me haha