Friday, March 25, 2011

New from Triad Toys: Triad Legends - Jason 12-inch figure

"Jason and the Argonauts" is a 1963 Columbia Pictures fantasy feature film starring Todd Armstrong as the titular mythical Greek hero in a story about his quest for the Golden Fleece. Directed by Don Chaffey in collaboration with stop motion animation expert Ray Harryhausen, the film is noted for its stop-motion monsters.

The picture below is one of the scenes I remembered when I watched "Jason and the Argonauts" many many many years ago. Jason and his men battle armed skeletons in a famous four minute stop motion sequence that took special effects wizard Ray Harryhausen four and a half months to produce.

Triad Toys is proud to unveil its tribute to the legendary Greek mythological hero, Jason. Famous as the leader of the Argonauts and their legendary adventures and journeys to find the Golden Fleece has been told in numerous literatures. Jason is the son of King Aeson, the rightful heir to the throne of Iolcus, but his uncle Pelias had usurped the throne. With the help of the Goddess Hera, Jason sets out to find the Golden Fleece to reclaim his rightful throne.

The Jason 12-Inch Collectible Figure features over 38 points of articulation on the new and updated Evolution 2.0 figure body, hand painted parts and fully clothed items. The figure includes: 1/6 Headsculpt, Updated Evolution (EVO) 2.0 body with standard chest, One (1) pair sword holding hands, One (1) pair relaxed posed hands, One (1) pair fist posed hands, One (1) pair sandaled feet, One (1) sword, One (1) sword scabbard, One (1) shield, One (1) belt with sword frog, One (1) chiton/tunic, One (1) himation / cloak, One (1) decorative leather belt, One (1) body armor front and back, One (1) pair wrist gauntlets, One (1) pair leg greaves

Creative Team: Headsculpt by Louie Tran; Weapons and Accessories: Nenad Nesovic, Ashish Parashar; Clothes Design, Prototype and Direction: Louie Tran; Prototype Paint and Direction: Louie Tran, Ken Takahashi

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