Friday, March 4, 2011

New from FIGUREHERO: ALIEN KILLER - 1/6 Accessories and Weapons Set

From the cute (see previous post) to the downright UGLY...

This Figure Hero 1/6 scale Alien Killer set will come with Camouflage uniform (it's the USCM  - Colonial Marine's camouflage from the "Aliens" franchise), Tactical boots, M12 rifle, M12 rifle drum magazine, Red shotgun shells x 7, Blue shotgun shells x 7, Black bullet carrier & rifle belt PLUS Chestbuster x 3.

An odd mix of movie-related gear and accessories. Aliens movie BDUs and Predator Royce's weapon.

NOTE: 1/6 action figure and head sculpt NOT included. Used for posing only

Certainly didn't take long for someone to get the molds to HT's AA12, Chestburster, John Connor's boots, Rambo's knife, and the Alien's USCM Cammies.

They are not doing a good job (these fakers)... time to bring in the real Marines, the United States Colonial Marines (USCM) in the next post.

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