Thursday, March 24, 2011

New from Art-figures: Navy Seal Special OR Lt A K Waters (Bruce Willis) 12-inch Figure

"Tears of the Sun" is a 2003 American war film, depicting a United States Navy SEAL team rescue mission amidst a civil war in the West African country of Nigeria. Lt. A.K. Waters (Bruce Willis) commands the team sent to rescue U.S. citizen Dr. Lena Fiore Kendricks (Monica Bellucci) from the civil war en route to her jungle hospital.

And now coming from Art-figures will be this 1/6 scale Navy Seal Special Forces 12-inch figure that bears a strong resemblance to Bruce Willis as Lieutenant A.K. Waters as he appeared in the film, including the attire he wore i.e. Woodlands camouflage outfit plus gear and accessories.

The set will include Authentic likeness of Bruce Willis head sculpt, 12-inch articulated male Body, M4A1 SOPMOD assault rifle with sling adapter, M1911 .45 Pistol, SP4+ Knife and sheath, EMERSON Knife and sheath, KABAR TANTO, M67 FRAGMENTATION GRENADE x 4, AN/PRC-148 radio, water canteen, Pistol Magazine x 2, M16 Magazine Pouch x 2, H-type belt pad, Black T-shirt, Military Gloves, Military camouflage uniform (Woodlands) and boots.

Lieutenant A.K. Waters (Bruce Willis) and his SEAL Team are sent by Captain Bill Rhodes (Tom Skerritt) to Nigeria to extract a "critical persona", one Dr. Lena Fiore Kendricks (Monica Bellucci), a U.S. citizen by marriage. Their secondary mission is to extract the Mission Priest and two Nuns.

Bruce Willis produced "Tears of the Sun" through Cheyenne Enterprises, his production company, and took the title from an early sub–title for "Live Free or Die Hard", the fourth film in the Die Hard series; he filmed the sequel on condition he could use its sub-title for his SEALs war film.

No wonder it felt like I was watching a Bruce Willis Die-Hard film set in the jungle ;p

After getting the Art-Figures: SAVES "Punisher: War Zone" Figure (reviewed HERE), I'm now eagerly waiting for this figure to arrive. IMHO I think this is one of the BEST "Tears of the Sun" Lt. A.K. Waters (Bruce Willis) 12-inch figure ever to be released. There have been quite a few LT Waters figures released but I was never persuaded to purchase any of them after getting the Action Trend version released in 2003 when the movie came out (reviewed HERE).

Update August 19, 2011: Art-figures: Navy Seal Special / Lt AK Waters (Bruce Willis) 12-inch Figure in hand pictures. Is the actual product as good or better than the prototype? Go HERE to find out :)


Little Plastic Man said...

Finally a good Tears of the Sun Bruce figure!

alex teo said...

ditto adrian :)

ethan said...

Wow...the HS really looks amazing :) Hot Toys standard.

Jonloh said...

Wow! Too bad I missed the 'Saves' issue.

Marcio Sampayo said...

Do you know when this figure will be available?

alex teo said...

my dealer says APRIL 2011 :) Pre-order is up a this store -

that's where i'm securing mine CHEERS